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Mederma for Kids Reviews (20g) - WIll It Really Work?

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Warning, if your kid has a scar make sure you read this before applying the scar gel for kids from Mederma.

Mederma for Kids contains the same ingredients as the adult version of Mederma, but it goes on purple and turns clear as it rubs in. It is grape-scented, so kids will be more likely to use it consistently as scar therapy.

Does it really work? Is it safe? Should my child use it? In this review we will discover the truth about Mederma For Kids.

Mini-Conclusion: Mederma for Kids can work but is not the best. It has decent reviews and is doctor and pediatrician recommended. However, for the price and the results, there are better scar treatments out there for children to use. The price is high for only .7 ounces considering you have to use it 3 times a day for 8 weeks. That is 168 applications and depending on the size of your child's scar you may have to purchase 3 times or more!

The cream is recommended for a variety of different scars including surgical scars, acne scars, burn scars, cuts and scars associated with other injuries.

Mederma for Kids Ingredients

Mederma for Kids contains allium cepa, an onion extract that helps reduce inflammation and control collagen production. Not only has it been shown to prevent collagen from regenerating too fast at the site of an injury, resulting in a scar, the extract is also believed to boost collagen production in the skin’s dermis layer after a scar has formed, speeding the healing process. While users might be wondering about Mederma for Kids versus regular Mederma, both contain the same proprietary blend, called Cepalin.

According to a 2010 study from Italian researchers, onion extract had a positive impact on a variety of different scars when applied regularly. “Topical applications of … allium cepa … twice a day for 24 weeks seems to be useful in reducing neoangiogenesis in hypertrophic scars and keloids, resulting in clinical improvement of skin lesions,” the researchers wrote. Other studies, however, including one from 1999 and two from 2006, suggest that onion extract has no better effect on improving the appearance of scar tissue than petroleum jelly.

Mederma for Kids Reviews

Mederma for Kids has a 73 percent approval rating of four stars and above on, with 27 percent of users giving the product a review of three stars or below. “My daughter was bit in the face at 1 years old by a terrible Chihuahua. Two puncture marks were left on her face,” said one reviewer. “The one punch mark smoothed out and cleared up but the other became raised and white. She was about 22 months when I realized we needed to take a proactive approach to fixing this little puncture scar. I decided to try the Mederma for Kids. I tried to put in on her as religiously as possible, and in about three weeks’ time, the scar is no longer white, no longer raised, and has significantly diminished in size. I am elated and a forever customer.” “My 6-year-old had stitches and they were ugly. I used this for three months and nothing. Looks the same,” said another, less satisfied reviewer, who gave the product one star.

Another negative review said that the purple color of the scar treatment product stained the scar for several days, and did not have an impact on it.

Mederma for Kids before and after photos

before and after photosThe photos are available on the product website as well as on, where some reviewers posted photos revealing little or no effect on their child’s scar. If you’re wondering where to buy Mederma for Kids online, the product is available at CVS Pharmacy as well as the online retailers and at Does Mederma for Kids work? While the studies on onion extract differ, Mederma for Kids is missing one of the only ingredients recommended by experts for scar treatment. Most dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other experts say that silicone is the most important ingredient to effectively treat a scar, because it traps in moisture, which is essential to healing.

Is Mederma For Kids Doctor Recommended?

Yes, this productis recommended by pediatricians and doctors across the USA. You need to apply the cream 3 times a day for at least 8 weeks to see results. That is a very long time to see results for a scar cream. 

Mederma’s manufacturers have spent a fortune on advertising, but they haven’t added silicone to their product, so based on expert opinion, choosing a product with silicone would be more effective on scars for kids than Mederma for Kids, despite the hype.


What does Mederma for Kids cost? Right now on the going rate is $16.89 for a 20 gram supply. That comes out to roughly 0.7 ounces, and from what we read it sounds like you will need to order at least 2 or 3 tubes to last 8 weeks or longer. That means the price will be anywhere from $33-$48. There are better scar treatments out there that you can get at lower prices. 

A Superior Scar Product

Packed with all-natural ingredients, Senvie’s Selevax contains the all-important silicone, which creates a protective seal that locks in the hydrating ingredients provided in the product’s formula, helping to prevent the production of excess collagen at the site of the scar. It is also packed with nutrients that also work to heal skin, including collagen-building nutrients, ingredients to help slow the production of melanin so darker scars fade and moisturizers that amplify the body’s own ability to keep skin moist, and antioxidants to help protect skin cells from damage caused by free radicals. Selevax is available for a slightly higher price point than Mederma for Kids, but only by a few dollars, and its all-natural ingredients are suitable for skin of all ages. Given the wealth of other active ingredients it contains, the extra dollars will be well worth it, especially as you watch your child’s scar fade away.

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