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Prosacea Vs Finacea - The Full and Comprehensive Review You Must Read Before You Buy

Posted on 13 March 2017 by

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This post puts Prosacea vs Finacea in a battle to see who is the best for rosacea. Do you want to discover which rosacea treatment is the best? Read below for the most comprehensive Prosacea vs Finacea review and analysis. We will discuss price, ingredients, effectiveness and side effects so you can see which rosacea treatment option is the best. 

Are you interested in finding out whether Prosacea or Finacea is better? Both products are popular when it comes to treating rosacea, but which one is actually better?

Prosacea Vs. Finnacea Price Comparison

In our opinion Prosacea is a decent product that mainly benefits from its low price tag. If you’re caught in a bind and do not have the money to purchase a better, more expensive product, than Prosacea may be the best alternative for you.

prosacea vs finacea reviews

Finacea is a much more expensive option than Prosacea. Finacea costs upward of $250 without insurance. So, if you do not have insurance than cost wise Prosacea is much better than Finacea.  You can save up to 86% on the total cost of Finacea depending on your insurance, which would bring the cost down to about $40, which makes Finacea still much more expensive than Prosacea.

Since you can get Prosacea for under $10 and Finacea costs at least $40, Prosacea is the better alternative when it comes to price and cost. 

 Prosacea or Finacea Effectiveness Test

To be truthful, Prosacea is not the best rosacea treatment out there. It’s effectivenenss pales in comparison to many other rosacea products out there (Like our RosaRid Rosacea Cream). It only has a 3.7 star rating on, and considering the low cost that means the product truthfully does not work too well. Still, many people have received help and relief from the product so it could work for you if you tried it.

prosacea or finacea for rosacea

Finacea is a prescription strength rosacea cream that is thought to be much more potent than Prosacea. However, it does require a prescription so you will have to visit your doctor in order to be able to buy it. Finacea works to reduce and treat the raised spots and pimple like bumps commonly experienced by rosacea sufferers. claims that Finacea has a 8.1 star rating out of 10 stars, which is much better than Prosacea’s Amazon rating. Still, we think that it stinks you have to visit the doctor to get a prescription written and then pay even more to buy the product.

Prosacea Youtube Video With Before And After Photos 

Prosacea vs Finacea Ingredients Reviews

Prosacea contains Sulphur as the active ingredient in fighting rosacea. Sulphur can work for certain people but it does not seem as though it is the best option for Rosacea. There are many other products out there that use natural and organic ingredients to help reduce and eliminate the symptoms associated with rosacea.  I can’t imagine Sulphur being a great thing for the body’s health and well being to rub on your face every day.

Finacea has the active ingredient call Azelaic Acid. Azelaic Acid seems to work better for rosacea than the Sulphur does. Azelaic Acid works by reducing the swollen tissue on the face and reducing the redness and irritation that goes along with it. After looking at reviews online and studying the reviews I believe that Azelaic Acid is better than Sulphur for treating rosacea.

Prosacea vs Finacea Side Effects and Issues

Prosacea has quite a few side effects associated with its use. Sulphur 1x is the active ingredient in Prosacea that causes these side effects. The side effects of Prosacea include dryness, skin peeling, burning, irritation, redness, and people have even claimed to get contact dermatitis from Prosacea. The company recommends using a very little amount of Prosacea first, essentially to test the skin and see if you will develop any side effects from using Prosacea.

Finnacea side effects include many different types of health and wellness issues. You can develop nausea, diarrhea, acne, stomach pain, loss of appetite, burning, itching and more. Remember, Finacea is a more potent and better product for Rosacea but this does come at a risk as it does have some bad side effects seen in some people. We recommend you speak to your doctor in regards to prosacea so you know what to expect.

Can Prosacea and Finacea Be Used Together?

We do not recommend you use these two products at the same time. They might cause skin irritation and serious health issues. We recommend you speak to your doc prior to using either Prosacea or Finacea, and to definitely not use both at the same time as it could be dangerous. Finacea is a prescription only drug and Prosacea is an OTC drug. Both should be used with caution.

Is Prosacea Better Than Finacea?

Will you save money on the price? Yes, as Prosacea is much cheaper than Finacea. However, Finacea is a much better product than Prosacea. In terms of effectiveness Finacea is the way to go. However, with the cost and potential side effects, you may want to try Prosacea first. Both have been shown to help many people who suffer from rosacea.

Finacea or Prosacea Before and After Photos?

Here is a youtube video that shows the before and after photos from someone who used Finnacea.

Prosacea Before and After Photos

Is Prosacea and Finacea Made in the USA?

Prosacea and Finacea do not specify if they are made in the USA or made worldwide. Finnacea is made by Bayer, the large German corporation that makes a lot of other drugs, so it is possible it is made in Europe. Prosacea is made by Alva-Amco, who make quite a few products. Alva-Amco doesn’t say if all products are made in the USA or not.

Prosacea vs Finacea the Final Review and Verdict

If you have the money and time, and your doctor will write you a prescription for Finacea than we think you will get better results. Prosacea is cheaper and somewhat less effective depending on the user. In addition, its actually much easier to buy Prosacea since you do not need a prescription and the product costs less than $10. All in all, we give our vote of confidence to Finacea, but for price and ease of purchase (you can buy Prosacea on Amazon) Prosacea might be a better option for you.

The Best Alternative To Prosacea and Finacea? An Organic Cream That Fights Rosacea The Right Way.

Are looking for an alternative to Prosacea or Finacea? Both Prosacea and Finacea have artificial ingredients that are unhealthy and have been shown to cause some serious side effects. If you are looking to for an all natural non-artificial cream to help with your rosacea than Finacea and Prosacea are not the right choice.

Our award winning organic cream RosaRid, comes packed with 15 organic ingredients that work synergistically to fight rosacea. RosaRid has organic, natural ingredients like Chamomile, Avocado, Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Vitamin E which work swiftly to reduce the redness, irritation and bumps associated with rosacea.


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