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Newgelplus Reviews - Discover the Truth About NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel

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The NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel Reviews Are In! With a mix of silicone, which helps create a protective barrier over scars, locking in moisture to prevent excess collagen from forming, and the moisturizer vitamin E.

NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Scar Gel for Scars contains two of the most touted ingredients to help not only treat, but also potentially prevent, debilitating scars. Silicone is, according to experts, one of the most important ingredients to help protect damaged skin, because it allows skin to retain essential moisture while allowing oxygen to reach the area to promote healing. “Studies have shown that silicone can help reduce scarring,” said Miami-based plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein.

Is Newgelplus Safe?

Yes, newgelplus does look like a safe scar treatment to use for your scars. We do always recommend you consult a health professional prior to using the product. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to trying new products. 

It works by helping to lock in moisture – which the body makes naturally – so the body’s process of producing excess collagen at the site of the scar is slowed, reducing the risk of a raised (keloid) scar.

NewGel+E augments our skin’s own natural moisture with the addition of vitamin E, which not only keeps damaged skin moist, but also offers skin-friendly antioxidants that can help protect new collagen and elastin cells that are forming at the dermis layer, eventually revealing healthier, less damaged skin.

NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel Reviews Are In

Of those users reviewing the product on, 83 percent gave it a favorable rating of four stars and above, while the remaining 17 percent gave the product 3 stars or less when rating its effectiveness. “Wow this stuff works. You only need to use as little and you need to use it for about 6 months to see scars flatten and soften but it does work very, very well. Just be persistent … not an overnight cure. Some of my scars have actually become invisible. Unbelievable. Wish it came in a larger tube.”

While other reviewers had mixed results – “I am surprised this has so many great reviews. From reading the reviews, I was convinced this was going to be the end of my scars ... it hasn't provided much benefit, if any at all. My scars are pretty new, too, so I should have had the maximum benefit possible. I am not sure this does anything but if you use it long enough, time alone may do the job.” – most of those using the project found some relief from their scars. Given previous data, the success rate of NewGel+E should come as no surprise.

Where Can I Buy Newgelplus Online?

newgelplus reviews tubeYou can buy newgelplus on Amazon as well as at the official website. At this time we do not know if newgelplus is avilable at cvs, walgreens or walmart. The price of the product is currently at $49.85 on Newgelplus is available in the UK. You can buy through there official uk website or through amazon uk. 

While the data is older, a 1995 study from researchers at the University of Modena in Italy found that a combination of silicone and vitamin E was more effective than silicone alone in treating scars. The product is likely safe and effective, barring any unforeseen allergies, but at $54 for just over an ounce of product, the price point is high compared to other, similar products on the market, although coupons are available on several websites to help make the product more affordable.

While NewGel+E offers real scar-fighting benefits – as seen in before and after photographs - the product’s formula could be better. 

Does Newgelplus Work Or is Newgelplus a Scam?

newgelplus ingredientsWe believe that Newgel+ is not a scam and could work well for certain scars. There are many good reviews of the product that show that it indeed can work. However, we do advise you to be careful as you cannot return the product once it has been opened. That means that once you have used the product you cannot get a refund, even if newgelplus didn't work for you. 

Newgelplus Ingredients

Here is the full list of the newgelplus ingredients: 

Ingredients: Polymerized Siloxanes (Silicone Gel), Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Both ingredients have been found to work for scars.

All-Natural Senvie Offers More Benefits for Half the Price

Senvie’s Selevax, for example – which is almost half the price of NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel - not only contains silicone, but is supercharged with a wide range of ingredients designed to help skin heal beneath the surface.

In addition to the silicone dimethicone, a mineral-based silicone, Selevax contains tocopherol, a natural form of vitamin E that helps protect skins cells from free radicals while adding moisture, as well as the hydrating shea butter, sunflower oil and glycerin, all of which will drench the skin in moisture, prevent excess collagen from forming at the skin’s surface while helping strengthen the collagen and elastin in the skin’s dermis layer, beneath the scar.

Another scar-fighting powerhouse found in Selevax is arnica oil.

According to Daniel Bigman, a physician assistant for Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch at New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery’s Institute for Limb Lengthening & Complex Reconstruction, arnica oil is especially effective for treating discolored scars by reducing the formation of melanin at the site of the scar.

Selevax also contains rosehip oil, which has been used for centuries to help improve the health of both new and existing skin cells.

Rosehips were a remedy that was used by the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans all because of their healing properties,” said celebrity facialist Joanne Vargas in an interview with the Huffington Post. “I think the beauty industry is turning more and more to these healing ingredients as an alternative to the chemicals we have relied on in the recent past.

selevax vs newgelplus

Selevax – part of a collection of all-natural products made in America by Senvie – also contains a wide range of effective antioxidants including vitamin A in the form of retinyl palmitate, one of the most absorbent versions of the vitamin, which will help gently slough away the skin’s surface layers, revealing healthier cells beneath, and vitamin C, which also works to help lighten and brighten skin.

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