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Everything You Need to Know About Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Posted on 11 March 2018 by

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Want to find the best natural remedies for hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are the leading health problem in Americans over the age of 50, affecting both men and women. 

These enlarged veins can painlessly bleed after a strained bowel movement, but in other cases, hemorrhoids can become prolapsed by moving outside of the anal canal, causing extraordinary discomfort. 

Because hemorrhoids are a common health problem, there are many different kinds of natural remedies and treatment methods on the market. 

These methods promise to relieve the pain of hemorrhoids, but are they really effective? 

The choices are overwhelming, but luckily many consumers and medical professionals have weighed in, narrowing down these natural remedies to the most successful ones available.

Top Natural Remedies for Internal Hemorrhoids

Although mostly painless, internal hemorrhoids can worsen when the swollen vein protrudes from the anal canal, causing a prolapsed hemorrhoid

Internal hemorrhoids should be treated to prevent this, and there are plenty of natural remedies to achieve this. 

  • Fiber Supplements: One of the smartest ways to prevent and alleviate hemorrhoids. 

Hemorrhoids, both internal and external, occur when the cushion of veins swells and enlarges during a strained bowel movement.  Fiber is essential in ensuring that bowel movements are not strained, therefore aid in the preventing hemorrhoids from even occurring.  Fiber supplements are available at drugstores that can be added to food or drink.  Fiber can also be included in your diet naturally by eating more fruits and vegetables.

  • Staying Hydrated: Much like adding fiber to your diet, staying hydrated is an easy and natural way to prevent hemorrhoids.
Consuming the appropriate amount of water each day will allow for smoother bowel movements and putting less pressure on your lower rectum.
  • Exercise: Lifestyle changes are important to preventing hemorrhoids. 
Exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes a few times a week will help with bowel movements, and in turn, prevent hemorrhoids from occurring internally. 
Exercise will allow for proper circulation, the strengthen and toning of muscles, and the promotion of the immune system, which will all aid in the prevention of internal hemorrhoids.

Top Natural Remedies for External Hemorrhoids

There are many different kinds of treatments for external hemorrhoids.  Fortunately, this type of hemorrhoid is easier to heal with natural products because direct application can be used.

  • Sitz bath: A plastic bath that sits over the bowl of a toilet designed for soaking the rectal and lower hip area.  These are available for purchase at local drugstores. 
According to doctors and other medical professionals, this is one of the most effective ways to treat external hemorrhoids.  Soak in a Stiz bath for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Essential oils: These natural and organic oils can be mixed as recipes to relieve you from external hemorrhoid pain. 
Essential oils can be applied directly to external hemorrhoids or you can add a few drops to a warm bath, which will help shrink them.
  • Epsom salt: This mineral compound has healing properties that encourage the body to relieve stress and muscle tension. 
Soaking in a warm bath filled with Epsom salt will help with the painful symptoms of external hemorrhoids, shrinking them and promoting healing.

Natural Remedies for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Both internal and external hemorrhoids are known to produce bleeding.  For internal hemorrhoids, the bleeding is usually painless and occurs after a stressful bowel movement. 

Some hemorrhoid sufferers do not notice the bleeding right away. External hemorrhoids can result in the formation of blood clots near the anus, making the pain greatly intensified. This is called a thrombosis.

Bleeding happens when a clot is ruptured, or if the external hemorrhoids experience friction. 

Treating bleeding hemorrhoids with natural remedies is important because you do not want to induce further irritation and cause more pain.  Natural remedies include:

  • Epsom Salt Remedies: Dissolving Epsom salt in warm water completely, creating a paste-like substance is a great natural method in healing hemorrhoids.  Apply the salt paste directly on the hemorrhoid. 

Epsom salt helps with healing wounds quickly, so the bleeding will soon subside with a continued application. 

Epsom salt can also be added to a glass of water and ingested.  This helps with detoxing the body and helps with the healing process of internal hemorrhoids.

  • Witch hazel: This natural substance mitigates itchiness and discomfort.  Witch hazel can be applied directly on the anal region and is also available in the form of wipes or creams. 

Stopping the symptoms in their tracks with witch hazel will also help stop the bleeding of hemorrhoids, forcing them to shrink and eventually disappear on their own.

  • Ice pack: Applying a pack of ice directly on the hemorrhoids will immediately reduce swelling and help subside those other annoying symptoms, like itching, bleeding, and general discomfort.  An ice pack can be used as often as needed. 

Hemorrhoids will usually go away by themselves within a few days to 2 weeks.  Natural remedies are the best way to lessen the symptoms without pumping your body full of unnatural chemicals and medications. 

Sometimes, the best way to rid your body of hemorrhoids is a simple lifestyle change, like a high fiber diet and staying hydrated. 

For immediate relief, remedies like Epsom salt, essential oils, and other natural ointments are the best choice. 

Natural remedies are typically very cost effective and easier to purchase, available at local stores and online. 

If you suffer from hemorrhoid and hemorrhoid pain, you are not alone.  Hemorrhoids are one of the most common discomforts that plague adult Americans, and fortunately, there is a slew of methods out there that can help with treatment and prevention. 

Remember to inform and consult your doctor if you are experiencing hemorrhoids.


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