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Internal Vs External Hemorrhoids - Do I have Internal or External Hemorrhoids?

Posted on 08 May 2018 by

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In this internal vs external hemorrhoids post, we will go into detail about each type of hemorrhoid so you know exactly what you're dealing with. Plus, we will show you how to stop them fast, in a natural and safe manner.

If you are wondering why you might have discomfort in your anal region or why you are experiencing rectal bleeding, the answer may be that you have inflamed hemorrhoids. 

Everyone has hemorrhoids, as these are the veins that transport blood vessels to our lower rectal area, it’s when they become inflamed and irritated that they become an issue. 

There are 4 types of hemorrhoids, we're discussing 2 of them, internal and external, and as you will soon come to know, it is simple to decipher which type you have.

Internal Hemorrhoids 

Inside of our rectal region, we have a delicate lining of mucous membrane. Underneath this lining is our hemorrhoids. 

internal vs external hemorrhoids guide

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These veins will sometimes become inflamed, although it is impossible for us to know because we don’t have pain-sensing nerves in this area. 

The only indication of internal hemorrhoids is the painless bleeding you might have after a bowel movement. 

Don’t be alarmed if you see bright red blood coating your stool, or blood after wiping or in the toilet bowl. 

There is a high chance that the reason your hemorrhoids are inflamed is that you are not getting enough fiber, which means your stools are hard and difficult to pass. 

These hardened stools sometimes scrape the interior lining of the rectum, and just like any scrape, this produces blood.

Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Prolapsed hemorrhoids are a result of an internal hemorrhoid falling through the anal opening. 

While they can be gently pushed back inside of the anal opening, these prolapsed hemorrhoids can collect small amounts of bacteria from stools and mucus that can worsen anal itching. 

Anal itching, known formally as pruritus ani, is a known symptom of hemorrhoids. Attempting to relieve anal itching tends to make things much worse, such as further inducing bleeding from this sensitive area. 

Try to resist the urge to relieve the itch yourself, and instead, use wipes with ingredients like witch hazel, which have long been tested and researched to relieve itching.

External Hemorrhoids

This alternative type of hemorrhoid is the more painful of the two. 

External hemorrhoids form underneath the surface of the skin around the anus.  The skin erodes, leaving you feeling uncomfortable in just about any position, sitting or standing. 

Fortunately, external hemorrhoids go away on their own after a few days, and sometimes even sooner than this if treatment is applied. 

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

When external hemorrhoids exist, so does the possibility of thrombosed hemorrhoids. 

A thrombosed hemorrhoid is when a blood clot forms inside of an external hemorrhoid.  A thrombosed hemorrhoid can be especially painful. 

If you have a thrombosed hemorrhoid, it can be tempting to want to remove the blood clot by attempting to pop it, however, by doing this you would be making it much worse and possibly attracting an infection.

Like other forms of hemorrhoids, thrombosed hemorrhoids can go away on their own. 

If you are concerned about a blood clot that hasn’t gone away in a few days, consult your doctor. 

Your doctor can lance and drain a thrombosed hemorrhoid if needed and can prevent and monitor for any infections.

Treatments for Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are more difficult to treat because they are located inside of the lower rectal area and often go undetected. 

The best method of treatment for internal hemorrhoids is to include more fiber in your diet.  A high fiber diet can consist of including more fruits and vegetables, beans, and whole grains. 

Fiber supplements are also available and can be added to any meal or beverage. 

Many fiber supplements have no taste to them and are easy to add into your daily meals.

Hemorrhoid supplements are also a great way to help fight the symptoms of hemorrhoids. HemRid is a great supplement that attacks hemorrhoids at their source to provide you with long-term relief. HemRid is taken in hemorrhoid pill form.

The best method of subsiding your hemorrhoid symptoms is prevention. 

While fiber can do this the best, things like drinking plenty of water and exercise are also key factors in preventing hemorrhoid flare-ups

The ultimate goal is to soften stools. 

By drinking plenty of water, your stools will absorb and retain this hydration, making it easier on your bowels to pass them.

Treatments for External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are the more obvious and painful of the two types.  Fortunately, there are plenty of methods to relieve the symptoms of discomfort if you have these small bumps around your anus.

Here are some methods to relieve external hemorrhoids: 

  1. Sitz bath: this is a bath designed to only submerge the lower part of your buttocks.  Sitz baths are incredibly helpful for those suffering from external hemorrhoids.  They can relieve symptoms almost immediately.  Use warm water and soak for about fifteen to twenty minutes, as needed throughout the day.
  2. Hemorrhoid Creams: There are plenty of creams designed for hemorrhoid use on the market.  One of the most popular creams is Preparation H. Creams can be obtained over the counter or even be prescribed by your doctor.
  3. Hemorrhoid Wipes: It’s important to not wipe excessively if you have hemorrhoids, although this can be tempting especially if you are experiencing itchiness in the anal area.  Use wipes with ingredients like witch hazel or aloe vera.  Both of these natural ingredients are safe to use in this sensitive area and have shown positive results when it comes to relieving common hemorrhoid symptoms.
  4. OTC Pain Medication: over the counter medication like Tylenol or Advil can help with symptoms of pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.  These medicines, when taken appropriately, can also reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids.
  5. Hemorrhoid Supplements: These are an excellent way to reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids. HemRid, a popular hemorrhoid supplement taken in capsule/pill form, is a wonderful way to get relief from hemorrhoids.

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Conclusion: External vs Internal Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, internal and external, will usually go away on their own after a few days. 

If you are experiencing rectal bleeding, tell your doctor.  While hemorrhoids are the common cause of rectal bleeding, they are not the only cause.  It could be a sign of something more serious.

We hope you enjoyed this external vs internal hemorrhoids post. If you did, please take the time to share.

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  • Marie : January 27, 2022

    ABSOLUTELY informative and helpful blog. Suffering from hemorrhoid pain for over 20 years has been HELLISH! After reading this article I know it’s time to take action. Thank you and I’ll be looking forward to upcoming articles!

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