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Hemorrhoids Sitting Guide - Can Sitting Too Long Cause Hemorrhoids?

Posted on 10 November 2018 by

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Hemorrhoids are a common, yet uncomfortable, condition that plague many Americans. While it is very difficult to deal with some of the bothersome symptoms of hemorrhoids, simple daily tasks can be hard to do as well.

Sitting with hemorrhoids can be particularly bothersome. Additionally, sitting for long periods of time can make the symptoms of hemorrhoids worse and even cause the condition to begin with. Here’s all you need to know about hemorrhoids.

Can Sitting Too Long Cause Hemorrhoids?

There are many different causes of hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, sitting for long periods of time can be a main cause. This is frustrating for people who have to sit during work or who have difficulty standing due to other disabilities.

Hemorrhoids are made of blood vessels, connective tissue, and muscle located on the anal canal. Everyone has hemorrhoid tissue as part of their human makeup. Functioning hemorrhoids help maintain fecal continence and ensure that no liquid escapes the end of the digestive tract.

When hemorrhoids become enlarged, the symptomatic hemorrhoids are what patients often refer to as the “condition.”

Swollen hemorrhoids are the result of applying too much pressure to the lower rectum. That’s why sitting for too long can cause hemorrhoids. When you sit for a long time, your anus relaxes, and the veins around it fill with blood. This puts pressure on the veins, causing symptomatic hemorrhoids.

Other common causes are: 

  • Pregnancy
  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Obesity

What Is the Best Sitting Position for Hemorrhoids?

The best sitting position to help deal with the symptoms of hemorrhoids is to find a way to take the load off. If you can’t sit less, you should try to sit wisely. You can do this by:

  • Adjusting your sitting position on the toilet.
  • Although it might sound funny, squatting is the best way to have a bowel movement. That’s why billions of people around the world still use the old tradition of this position. When you squat with your knees against your abdomen, you create a better internal alignment to help release your bowels.
  • Use a cushion. When it comes to hemorrhoids, sitting is a major problem for most patients. Whether you are trying to prevent the occurrence or recurrence or alleviate the painful symptoms, you should try to sit on a cushioned set. When you put a thick cushion or pillow under your rectum, it will alleviate the risk of hemorrhoids associated with hard chairs or benches.
  • Keep your rear end cool and dry.
  • If you have had hemorrhoids, you know that heat and moisture between your cheeks can add to uncomfortable feelings and itchiness. You should keep your anal area clean and dry. Choose loose fitting clothing. When you sit in constricted, hot, moisture-trapping clothes, you can make the 

Does Sitting on the Toilet Cause Hemorrhoids?

Sitting on the toilet for prolonged periods of time is another major cause of hemorrhoids, especially if you are sitting directly on the toilet. As you sit, the muscles in your anus begin to relax.

This allows blood to pool in the area, adding to the inflammation of the hemorrhoids. Since the gravity of how you are sitting brings the blood down to the surrounding veins, sitting for long periods of time on the toilet can be a major problem for your hemorrhoids.

Is it Better to Sit or Stand with Hemorrhoids?

Many patients wonder whether it is better to sit or stand with hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, the best response is neither. You should never sit or stand for a long period of time.

The best way to alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids is to frequently move around. Like sitting, standing for long periods of time is a common cause of hemorrhoids.

As blood above the rectum exerts pressure on the rectal and anal areas, hemorrhoids become swollen when you stand for long periods of time.

Which Donut to Sit on for Hemorrhoids?  

When it comes to donut cushions, there are many products to choose. The market is flooded with different companies and different products to help alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids while you sit.  

Besides quality and look, hemorrhoid donuts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some donuts are inflatable, some are made of foam, and some are ergonomically created to help disperse pressure in a helpful way while you sit.

To choose the best donut to sit on with hemorrhoids, it really depends on which product fits your exact needs and makes you the most comfortable.

The outside area of the donut is built up with excess padding and the ring connects so there are no gaps that could cause sitting to trigger your pressure points.

Even travel donuts are available for frequent travelers or those who need a less obvious option when using a donut in public.

In addition to hemorrhoid relief, donut cushions can also:

  •  Elevate the back of the rear for maximum weight relief
  • Offer balance
  • Improve posture
  • Increase blood flow
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce pressure in the legs, upper thighs, and rear

Does Sitting on Cold Concrete Cause Hemorrhoids?

While some people think that sitting on cold concrete causes hemorrhoids, it is not actually the temperature that may do so. The cause of hemorrhoids has nothing to do with whether a surface is hot or cold, it simply has to do with the pressure of sitting on the concrete.

While some patients report that sitting on cold concrete actually alleviates the symptoms of hemorrhoids because of the cold temperature and its ability to reduce inflammation, there are actually no reports that show that sitting on cold concrete has any effect on hemorrhoids.

Due to this, it's best to look for a hemorrhoid treatment that can help you get rid of hemorrhoids once and for all.

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