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Hemorrhoids Bowel Movements Guide - Can Hemorrhoids Block Bowel Movements?

Posted on 06 November 2018 by

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If you are worried about how your hemorrhoids will affect your bowel movements, we’ve constructed a guide to help ease your mind. Hemorrhoids can cause a huge amount of stress on your body and your mind. 

But, when you understand what to expect, it can help relieve some of the worry. Let’s take a closer look at how hemorrhoids can affect your ability to go to the bathroom.

Can Hemorrhoids Block Bowel Movements?

Although hemorrhoids are common, they aren’t easy to deal with for most patients. When it comes to having a bowel movement, hemorrhoids can make it difficult.

Whether hemorrhoids occur internally or exist around the opening of the anus, they can make it hard to pass your stool.

The swelling that occurs from hemorrhoids can keep you from being able to pass a bowel movement. If you have constipation and hemorrhoids simultaneously, it only worsens your condition.

How to Have a Bowel Movement with Hemorrhoids

The pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids can make it difficult to pass a bowel movement. If you cannot pass your stools when you have hemorrhoids, there are a few things you can do to help yourself. 

Try one of the following remedies to make having a bowel movement easier:

  • Increase your fiber intake. This can help ease the pain of bowel movements. Fiber draws water into your stools and makes them softer and easier to pass. If you can’t add more fiber to your diet, you can use fiber supplements or stool softeners.
  • Avoid sitting for long periods of time on the toilet. Prolonged sitting or straining will only make your hemorrhoids worse.
  • Don’t delay bowel movements when you are dealing with hemorrhoids. When you need to go, find a way to go. When you put off bowel movements, you only worsen constipation. This aggravates hemorrhoids, making them worse.
  • You can also elevate your feet when you sit to avoid pressure on the rectum.
  • There are also over-the-counter products that can help ease discomfort and pain so you can pass your stools easily. Witch hazel wipes, creams, ointments, and suppositories can be helpful. You can also try a sitz bath or cold compress.

Can Hemorrhoids Bleed Without a Bowel Movement?

In some cases, hemorrhoids will bleed without a bowel movement. Any time you strain yourself, your hemorrhoids may bleed. 

If you sit down to urinate, the pressure can cause your hemorrhoids to bleed. Additionally, if you try to have a bowel movement and are unable to, your hemorrhoids may start to bleed.

What to Do When Your Hemorrhoid Comes Out During a Bowel Movement

If your hemorrhoid protrudes out of the anal opening during a bowel movement, there are a few things you can do.

      • Internal hemorrhoids that are prolapsed sometimes spontaneously retract on their own.
      • In some cases, when prolapsed internal hemorrhoids don’t retract on their own, they can be pushed back into place manually.
      • Creams, ointments, and suppositories are available to treat hemorrhoids and reduce swelling.
      • If you have a prolapsed internal hemorrhoid that does not spontaneously retract or can’t be pushed back inside manually, you may need to have hemorrhoid surgery. A hemorrhoid doctor can assess your situation and determine whether you need a surgical procedure called stapling.

A Bowel Movement After Hemorrhoid Surgery

The idea of passing stool after hemorrhoid surgery can be quite scary. Recover from hemorrhoid surgery truly depends on the type of surgery you have. It is very important to keep the anal area clean and dry and care for your wounds after surgery. 

After a hemorrhoidectomy, sitz baths can be particularly helpful after bowel movements. This involves sitting in warm, soapy water to keep the area clean and reduce irritation.

 Other ways to handle a bowel movement after hemorrhoid surgery are:

  •  Avoid excess wiping. Use moist toilettes or baby wipes when you can.
  • Pain can be excruciating especially when you try to have a bowel movement after hemorrhoid surgery. Over-the-counter pain medication can be used to ease the discomfort. Many doctors will prescribe pain management medication after surgery.
  • Ensure you have regular, soft bowel movements. If you have difficulty with this, you need to take a stool softener, fiber supplement, and/or laxative when you go home. This can be done until you heal from the surgery, but you should keep a fiber-rich diet regularly.

Severe Hemorrhoid Pain After Bowel Movement

If you have severe hemorrhoid pain after a bowel movement, it may be a cause for concern. It is important to note that hemorrhoid pain can be severe, even if there isn’t a serious problem. 

When it comes to hemorrhoids, pain depends on the severity of your hemorrhoid and your tolerance for pain. 

If you experience hemorrhoid pain that is breathtaking or causes you to pass out, it’s definitely time to talk to your physician. 

In some cases, hemorrhoids can become thrombosed. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are extremely painful and should be checked by a healthcare provider.

When a blood clot develops in the vein, called thrombosis, hemorrhoids can become extremely painful. In addition to thrombosed hemorrhoids, strangulated hemorrhoids can also cause severe pain.

These occur when the blood supply to an internal hemorrhoid is cut off. Both thrombosed and strangulated hemorrhoids are not generally a life-threatening condition, but dealing with the pain of them can be frustrating.

The good news is that hemorrhoids are a common condition. If you are worried about how hemorrhoids affect your bowel movements, you now know that there is almost always a solution. If you have increase difficulty passing stool because of your hemorrhoids, call your healthcare provider for a consultation.

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