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The Complete Garlic for Hemorrhoids Review (2019) - Can I Use Garlic on Hemorrhoids?

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Thinking about using garlic for hemorrhoids? In this post, we take a look at the scientific research of garlic and see if it is a good ingredient for getting rid of hemorrhoids.

Itching, burning, pain, and discomfort - all of these are caused and instigated by a common problem you are likely aware of called hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid flare-ups hinder our daily lifestyle, and with their painful presence, suddenly sitting and standing becomes abnormally uncomfortable, bowel movements are a thing you wish you could avoid entirely, and the itching and burning sensations are a public nuisance.

At-home remedies have been passed down from generations to generations as a means to find hemorrhoid relief, even if just temporary, to this very common ailment.

Because so many people, especially those 50 years of age and older, experience hemorrhoids, it can be difficult to weed through which supposed remedies and treatment methods are actually proven to be effective in relieving painful symptoms.

Some remedies for hemorrhoids, in all honesty, seem made up.

Do Garlic and Hemorrhoids Make Sense?

Many people dealing with hemorrhoids are desperate to answer the questions.

Which solutions actually work?

Is Garlic Good for Hemorrhoids?

How can garlic help your hemorrhoids?

Well, garlic can be used in a number of ways.

From pastes to suppositories, you can use garlic in different forms to help relieve hemorrhoids and subside the pain and discomfort they cause.

The reason behind garlic use in hemorrhoid issues is that is both an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal herb and these two properties target hemorrhoids, eventually reducing their size and presence.

The reason why hemorrhoids are such a consistent issue with nearly half of the aging population is that with age, the muscles and tissues weaken and do not hold together the cluster of veins (known as hemorrhoids) as well as they used to.

The veins, in turn, become swollen and result in what is known as having hemorrhoids, and this just means that the veins are inflamed.

Symptoms arise, as well as the potential of external hemorrhoids, which are small, almost malleable bumps that form around the anus.

Garlic's anti-inflammatory properties aim to reduce this inflammation of the rectal veins. The veins are calmed, and the swelling is reduced.

The hemorrhoids can now return back to their original size and effectively pump the blood vessels to the intended areas of the body. Studies have also shown that garlic has an anti-fungal effect as well.

A common symptom of hemorrhoids is the intense anal itching, and this often ignites embarrassment in sufferers with inflamed hemorrhoids.

Being anti-bacterial can help control the pruritus ani, also known as anal itching. Protruding hemorrhoids cause pruritus ani because they collect mucus, stool particles, and other bacteria around the anal opening, this induces further need to wipe to relieve the itch, often resulting in excess bleeding.

When used, garlic can help eliminate this issue and prevent unnecessary wiping and bleeding.

Best Garlic Suppository for Hemorrhoids

Combining garlic with other natural ingredients known the help alleviate hemorrhoid symptoms and shrink them can make for an effective suppository.

We do not recommend you make an at-home garlic suppository for hemorrhoids. If done incorrectly, you can have skin burning and complication. Instead, try one of these proven hemorrhoid suppositories.

How to Make a Garlic Suppository 

For the best garlic suppository, try mixing:

  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 15-20 drops of witch hazel

The coconut oil and witch hazel have restorative effects on the skin, as well as anti-inflammatory properties, the two attributes you want to reduce your hemorrhoids (witch hazel is also used in hemorrhoid wipes and numerous other hemorrhoid related products).

  1. Mix all the ingredients together, form them into an oblong shape suitable for a suppository, and refrigerate, preferably overnight.
  2. Once they can retain their form through being refrigerated for an appropriate amount of time, insert the suppository inside your rectum.
  3. For natural suppositories, it is suggested to leave them inside your rectum overnight.

Best Garlic Oil Capsules for Hemorrhoids

Did you know that including garlic in your diet may help to shrink your hemorrhoids and prevent flare-ups?

Garlic is a known to decrease blood pressure, and high blood pressure is one of the causes behind hemorrhoid flare-ups.

The best cure for hemorrhoids begins with prevention, so you may want to include these best selling garlic oil supplements in your diet:

  • Swanson Garlic Oil: This supplement promotes cardiovascular and immune system health, both of which can aid in the prevention of hemorrhoids and ease hemorrhoid symptoms.
  • BRI Nutrition Odorless Garlic: Another popular garlic supplement and one of Amazon's best sellers. Help increase your circulation and lower blood pressure to calm hemorrhoids.

Best Garlic Powder for Hemorrhoids

Whether you are using garlic powder in cooking or using an alternative method for relieving hemorrhoids, like making the garlic powder into a paste, there are many options to choose from.

Here are some of the best garlic powders to use to fight your hemorrhoids:

  • McCormick Fine Garlic Powder: With no added MSG, this garlic powder is one of the best on the markets to add into any dish. Garlic powder's healing properties can help you manage your hemorrhoid flare-ups.
  • Simply Organic Garlic Powder: Supporting organic farming and ingredients is always a plus; Simply Organic's garlic powder will allow you to seamlessly include garlic in your diet, curbing hemorrhoid flare-ups.

When making a paste of either freshly minced garlic or any of its other forms (i.e. oil, powder, granules), consult your doctor before doing so.

In some cases, garlic can cause burning or stinging when the sensitive skin is exposed to its sharp, poignant oils.

As with any at-home remedy, check with your doctor beforehand.

If you have experienced hemorrhoids and have exhaustively searched for some kind of cure, temporary or otherwise, you have probably heard about the use of garlic in relieving symptoms brought on by hemorrhoids.

Garlic is in fact, considered a herbal medicine, has had a long, cumulative history in aiding in skin conditions and dermatology. Known for its antioxidant properties, garlic is good to involve in a diet as well as employing its use in a direct skin application.

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