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Emuaid vs Emu Oil Review - Discover Which One is Better in Our Review Matchup!!!

Posted on 28 October 2017 by

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Discover which product is truly better in our Emuaid v Emu Oil matchup review! Emuaid hemorrhoid cream (also known as Emuaid MAX) is one of the most popular natural hemorrhoid treatments. Emu Oil is also an extremely popular hemorrhoid treatment. So which is better?

We will compare and contrast the Emuaid and Emu Oil to help you make the right choice for your hemorrhoids. If your plan for attacking your hemorrhoids includes pairing the hemorrhoid cream or ointment with a hemorrhoid supplement, you can find a list of hemorrhoid supplements and reviews and our top hemorrhoid supplement pick. To begin our Emuaid v. Emu Oil battle we will discuss the benefits of each.

What Are Emuaid Ingredients?

Emuaid is marketed as a first aid ointment. It is also referred to as Emuaid Oil, but is, in fact, an ointment. It is used for a variety of skin conditions including hemorrhoids. The active ingredient found in Emuaid is HPUS Argentum Metallicum (Pure Colloidal Silver). Colloidal Silver has been taken for many years for various reasons and in different ways. As an Emuaid ingredient, colloidal silver is used topically and not ingested. Interestingly enough, Emuaid does contain Emu Oil.

emuaid vs emu oil long reviews

What Is Emu Oil?

Emu Oil is an oil which is derived or made from the fat of the Emu bird. An Emu bird is a beautiful large ostrich-like bird which is native to Australia, Do Emus have to be killed to harvest the oil from their fat? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Emus are farmed. They are raised and then slaughtered like cattle for their oil and meat. Emu Oil is a popular cosmetic ingredient and every year thousands of Emus are killed for both their oil and meat. 

Emuaid CVS or Emuaid Amazon?

emuaid hemorrhoid creamWe do not see that Emuaid is offered at CVS online, however, there many other places to purchase Emuaid online other than CVS, like Amazon, the Emuaid website, Walgreens online and more.

Emuaid Reviews Are They Good or Bad? Tell Me!!!!

Emuaid reviews are everywhere online. While Emuaid reviews can be found on many different sites, no other site has more reviews than Amazon. Amazon has nearly one thousand Emuaid reviews and Emuaid has an overall review score of 3.7 stars. Emuaid is certainly not a scam but instead an effective hemorrhoid ointment which has helped many. best of all, it also contains Emu Oil. Now I know you animal lovers are not happy about that, but please remember the meat of the large birds is also used.

What Can I Use Emuaid MAX or Emu Oil For?

Both products are manufactured by Speer Laboratories, a family-run independent company. They are excellent for treating a wide array of skin conditions. You can use any for hemorrhoids, bug bites, toenail fungus, and skin irritation. 

How Do I Use Emuaid MAX or Emu Oil?

Emuaid MAX and Emu Oil are used the same way. Whichever you prefer, it is to be applied on the affected area three to four times a day. However, your dermatologist may more or less depending on the severity of your condition. Ensure you inform them before use. 

emuaid vs emu oil

Emu Oil CVS vs Emu Oil Walgreens vs Emu Oil Walmart, Where Do I buy My Emu Oil?

emu oilIf you decide to purchase Emu Oil, you will have to determine which brand to purchase from. We recommend that you purchase from a brand that will guarantee its product for some period of time and ensures your actually getting Emu Oil which is not mixed with a bunch of cheap filler ingredients. So, whether you buy your Emu Oil at CVS, Walgreens or Walmart, the important thing is that you're checking that label to make sure you're getting the real thing.

Emuaid v Emu Oil Which Is Better?

For hemorrhoids our winner of the Emuaid v. Emu Oil battle is Emuaid. With a 3.7 star and nearly 1000 Emuaid reviews on Amazon, your chances of getting relief for hemorrhoids are pretty good. While Emu Oil may work for some, Emuaid has established itself as an effective hemorrhoid treatment. If you are going to pair up your hemorrhoid cream or ointment with a hemorrhoid supplement, you can see a list of reviewed hemorrhoid supplements and our top hemorrhoid supplement pick.

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