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Does Turmeric for Hemorrhoids Really Work or is it a Scam? Discover the Truth!

Posted on 30 June 2018 by

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Does Turmeric Work for Hemorrhoids? If hemorrhoids are a reoccurring issue for you, then you probably find yourself in the midst of a never-ending search to find a solution to these uncomfortable symptoms. 

Or maybe you have tried over the counter hemorrhoid treatments, and they are not for you, and you are interested in utilizing a method that is more natural and avoids harsh chemicals. 

Turmeric has made a name for itself as a means to treat hemorrhoids, but what exactly is the deal with this sunburnt-colored powder that you’ve likely seen in your grandmother’s spice cabinet?  And what does it have to do with hemorrhoids?

For thousands of years, the curry spice known as turmeric has been used in the culinary world and in traditional medicine, and with its dual-purpose benefits, turmeric almost seems too good to be true.  Recently, turmeric has been given a closer scientific examination in concern with what this spice can do for human health. 

hemrid max or turmeric curcumin for hemorrhoid relief

The main chemical component of turmeric is curcumin, noted for its numerous health benefits and properties, such as being anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and even anticancer.  These principles attract many to turmeric as a means for hemorrhoid treatment.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids can vary depending on which type you have, either internal or external:

  • Swollen, painful bumps around the anus
  • Pruritus ani (commonly known as anal itching)
  • Hemorrhoid bleeding post-bowel movement
  • Blood clots that form externally
  • Prolapse of an internal hemorrhoid through the rectum
  • Discomfort in certain positions and during movement

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that can produce throbbing, burning pain, uncomfortable, fleshy bumps, and uncontrollable anal itching. 

Turmeric promises to target hemorrhoidal swelling and through this, can dramatically subside symptoms. 

Numerous studies and research has been conducted on turmeric and its main chemical compound, curcumin.  Results confirm that turmeric can even promote the health of people who are not diagnosed with any conditions. 

Turmeric has been studied and shown to aid in the treatment following conditions successfully: 

  1. Inflammatory diseases such as cerebral injuries, cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, and arthritis
  2. Metabolic syndrome
  3. Depression and anxiety 

While the recent review from 2017 did not address hemorrhoids specifically, it did cover turmeric’s positive effects in reducing inflammation.  This can be applied to the condition of hemorrhoids, as it is a collection of swollen blood vessels and veins in the lower rectal area. 

Through ingestion or application of turmeric, the conclusion can be drawn that the inflammation of hemorrhoids would be reduced due to its confirmed anti-inflammatory abilities.

In actuality, it is curcumin that is responsible for the health benefits brought forth by the ingestion and application of turmeric.  However, the downside in this is that turmeric does not contain a high concentration of curcumin per gram.  

There are curcumin extracts that can be taken to maximize the health benefits of turmeric, but curcumin is not known to assimilate into the bloodstream effectively. 

For a curcumin extract consider conjoining a dosage of the extract with piperine, an inhibitor that can be found in pepper that enhances the absorption of curcumin into the bloodstream by a shocking 2000%.

Is Turmeric Safe for Hemorrhoids? 

Turmeric and its comprisal of curcumin have a long, unsullied safety record. It is when turmeric is consumed at extraordinarily high doses that potential side effects can occur.

Research has discovered that some patients taking 500-12,000 mg of turmeric reported feeling the following symptoms:

  • Yellow Stools
  • Skin rash
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

These symptoms were rare in the study’s findings, but it does appear that online reviews indicate that some consumers also reported feeling these side effects.

Many supplements sell turmeric extract in these high doses, so when searching for a turmeric health product, be cautious in the amount you take if you have not tried this natural extract before.

Amazon is an excellent starting-off point in researching to see if turmeric is right for you and which product is best, and this massive online retailer also provides customer feedback for all of its products, turmeric supplements included.

Customers on Amazon generally rate turmeric supplements, powders or capsules, high and provide positive feedback, stating that turmeric has aided in the relief of joint pain, arthritis, and hemorrhoids.  

In concern with safety, you should also examine one-star reviews or less to see what possible side effects could be at work in taking this supplement.  Some consumers repeated the side effects they had experienced that various studies brought to light, like headaches, nausea, upset stomach, and diarrhea. 

While none of these side effects are particularly worrisome or fatal, turmeric dosages should be stopped if they occur.

Before taking turmeric or using it as a direct applicant on your hemorrhoids as a method of treatment, you should consult with a doctor.  While turmeric is an excellent and natural nutrient that targets hemorrhoid inflammation, a hemorrhoid doctor may also want you to include a dietary fiber supplement, fiber gummies, or a stool softener.

The Effectiveness of Turmeric Paste for Hemorrhoids

In a paste form, turmeric's properties of antimicrobial and antibacterial actively work to rid the skin of harmful particles that could worsen the symptoms of hemorrhoids. 

Turmeric, as you know by now, has strong anti-inflammatory components that can reduce the swelling of these sensitive rectal veins.

Combining turmeric with other known natural hemorrhoid relievers can produce optimal results. 

Other natural remedies that have long been used to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms like aloe vera, witch hazel and tea tree oil can be useful combinations to complement the effects of turmeric in a paste form. 

When applied to the skin, turmeric is harmless but may give you a tingling sensation due to its bitter nature.  Always test natural remedies in an inconspicuous area first before applying a paste to your sensitive anal-rectal region.

The skin around the anal opening is different than the rest of your skin, comprised of a sensitive format of mucous membranes, and external hemorrhoids can form in this area. 

By using natural ingredients, there could be a higher risk of skin irritation.  Talk to your doctor before using and applying a paste in this area.

When creating a paste with turmeric, know that turmeric’s unique mustard yellow to brownish orange color can stain clothing.  Remember to wash the paste off of your anal-rectal area after however long you wish to apply it for, either throughout the night or for under an hour.

Using Turmeric Powder for Hemorrhoids

Turmeric powder is a popular form of this natural ingredient to treat hemorrhoids and other inflammatory issues.  Similar to its spice form, turmeric powder is a goldish color with brown overtones strikingly alike the consistency and shade of cumin and ginger.

Turmeric powder as a supplement may contain certain aspects of this natural ingredient that the spice version does not, but often, you will see turmeric powder sold as a culinary spice. 

For its powder form, consumers can get the most joy out of turmeric by adding it into Indian dishes or smoothies.  Turmeric has a unique, slightly bitter but earthy flavor that brings food to life.

Unlike other supplements, turmeric powder is a flavorful additive. However, if you are looking to increase dosage and target hemorrhoids effectively, you may need to consider taking turmeric capsules with a higher concentration of both turmeric and curcumin.

You might be better of using a hemorrhoid supplement or hemorrhoid pills.

hemrid max vs turmeric for hemorrhoids

HemRid Max is our #1 hemorrhoid supplement and works great for hemorrhoids.

Where Can I Buy Turmeric for Hemorrhoids?

Turmeric is often advertised as a culinary spice, a joint-reliever, an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, or as muscle recovery.  Sometimes, it is marketed as a hemorrhoid reliever or even for arthritis. 

Turmeric has multiple uses, but despite its labeling, any product with turmeric can be useful in hemorrhoid relief.

Turmeric is a widely popular spice and supplement.  Many turmeric and curcumin products can be found on Amazon for around $10 and under.

Popular Turmeric products available on Amazon are:

  • Organic Turmeric Root Powder Flavor of the Earth
  • Turmeric Root Powder with Curcumin Naturevibe Botanicals
  • Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine Vimerson Health
  • New Chapter Turmeric Supplement
  • Nobi Nutrition’s Premium Turmeric Curcumin 

This supplement, spice, powder, or capsule can also be purchased at any grocery store, superstore, and sometimes even in drugstores.  Turmeric is generally an inexpensive product, and it can also be found in tea form, a favorite Indian and Asian flavor.

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