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Do Hemorrhoids Smell? Discover How to Stop Hemorrhoids From Smelling

Posted on 20 April 2018 by

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In this post we will share exactly why your hemorrhoids smell and give you several options to get rid of the bad smelling hemorrhoids.

We will also talk about some health issues you may have if you have hemorrhoids that smell.

Hemorrhoids are often an uncomfortable topic to discuss, and because of this, many people do not know much about this painful, yet incredibly common ailment that plagues nearly half of the population of 50 years old and up. 

If you believe you are experiencing hemorrhoids but may be too embarrassed to ask the awkward questions surrounding them, right here is a good place to start.  Many sufferers inquire: do hemorrhoids smell?  

Perhaps you aren’t sure if you have hemorrhoids but are finding that there is a pungent smell originating from your anal region, one that is offsetting enough for you to question it. 

This could be an indication that your hemorrhoids are inflamed and your body is letting you know.

For smelly hemorrhoids, often creams and suppositories won't stop the smell on their own. Instead, for smelly hemorrhoids combining a hemorrhoid cream or suppository with newer effective remedies like HemRid Max will often do the trick. With proven ingredients like witch hazel extract and horse chestnut seed extract HemRid Max is Amazon's top selling hemorrhoid supplement and is our top choice for hemorrhoids. 

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Why Do Hemorrhoids Smell?

Many people do not realize that on some occasions, having inflamed and irritated hemorrhoids can omit an unpleasant odor.

The answer to this question, as many hemorrhoid suffers do not want to know, is that yes, hemorrhoids can smell.  This can be because of many different reasons. 

 Reasons Why Your Hemorrhoids Swell

For one, your hemorrhoids are essentially swollen veins in the lower rectal area (internal) or underneath the skin around the anus (external). 

Having swollen internal hemorrhoids could mean the control of your anal sphincter becomes disrupted and sometimes lost, producing some, but probably not much, anal leakage of stools and fluids. 

Does Pruritus Ani Cause Hemorrhoids to Smell Bad Too?

Pruritus ani can also contribute to cause of the smell associated with hemorrhoids.  Pruritus ani is irritation around the anal opening due to the build up of small mucus and stool particles. 

The reason for the build up could be a form of an inflamed internal hemorrhoid known as protruding hemorrhoids. 

When the internal hemorrhoid vein becomes swollen, it can extend itself beyond the anal opening, leaving it exposed to collect bacteria, particles, and mucus. 

The solution to this dilemma is not to wipe excessively, as that would cause further bleeding, but to gently push the protruding hemorrhoid back through the opening, lessening the risk of pruritus ani. 

You should go see a doctor if you have an internal prolapsed hemorrhoid. 

Do Hemorrhoids Smell Bad? 

Everyone knows that bowel movements are never pleasant smelling, so because of this leakage from the loss of control of your anal sphincter, you may smell a foul or lingering odor. 

Of course, every person is different, and you may not even experience this symptom of hemorrhoids. 

Or it could be the case that this is the only symptom you have.  

Either way, there are natural, alleviating methods to properly clean and take care of this issue and sooth the inflammation to prevent it. 

A sitz bath or regular bath with warm water, or if desired the added essential oils or Epsom salt, can help neutralize any foul odors. 

Youtube Video Discussing the Smell of Hemorrhoids

Do Hemorrhoids Smell Fishy?

A fishy smell from your lower rectal region could be a sign for a few different issues, but the most common one is hemorrhoids. 

This noxious smell is not reminiscent of fecal matter or gas is most likely anal discharge, excreted from the rectum and produced by the mucus membrane. 

While this could be a sign of hemorrhoids, it may also mean something else, so be sure to tell your doctor if you find that you are smelling something fishy.

Suffers of hemorrhoids experiencing this symptom may find this excruciatingly embarrassing. But chances are, not everyone else around will smell this. 

The solution to this fishy smell is as simple as practicing self care through basic hygiene tricks, like warm baths, a packet of hemorrhoid wipes (anything with witch hazel will calm inflammation and have a soothing effect), or simply including more fiber in your diet.

Do Hemorrhoids Smell When They Pop?

The answer: sometimes. 

External hemorrhoids are typically the type to pop due to the potential formation of blood clots in pockets beneath the skin’s surface.

The odor you might smell could be a mixture of blood, which gives off a metallic, copper smell, and fluids like mucus or pus that may have collected inside of the clot.

If you have blood clots or an enlarged external hemorrhoid, consult your doctor. 

This problem could mean an examination to investigate the root of what is causing it. 

Your doctor may recommend different methods of treatments, or your external hemorrhoids or blood clots may require lancing. 

Never lance a blood clot on your own, as you could be at risk for an infection. 

Your doctor can perform this procedure for you, safely.

How to Get Rid of a Bad Hemorrhoid Smell? 

The best way to rid yourself of the dreaded and embarrassing hemorrhoid smell is through prevention and treatment. If you haven't already, go get yourself a bottle of HemRid Max. It is offered on Amazon and can be delivered to you by tomorrow.

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In your diet, include foods or supplements high in fiber, an essential tool in keeping your colon happy and regular. 

Fiber is found in many fruits, vegetables, and can even be in powder form to include in your meals or beverages. 

Drinking water is also recommended to help alleviate and prevent hemorrhoids. 

Consuming at least eight glasses of water a day can promote overall health, flushing out toxins, encouraging healthy bowel movements, and keeping your hemorrhoids at bay from becoming inflamed. 

Water will also soften your stools, so when passing them, there is no scraping of the surface of rectal lining.

Hemorrhoid Smell Summary

Yes, the smell that disrupted hemorrhoids can give off is more often than not, foul, and embarrassing. 

But in taking these simple, preventative steps, you can stop inflammation of your hemorrhoids and avoid this issue completely. 

As a temporary measure, it doesn’t hurt to carry around some wipes that are designed to relieve hemorrhoids, as these will also rid your anal region of any unpleasant smells for the time being, as well as soothing any irritation you are experiencing.

Witch hazel is a great ingredient for hemorrhoids.

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