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Cayenne Pepper Hemorrhoid Reviews - Does Cayenne Pepper Work for Hemorrhoids or Is it a Scam?

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Does using Cayenne Pepper for Hemorrhoids actually work? It can be challenging to wade through the myths surrounding hemorrhoid “cures”, sure-fire treatments, and tales of at-home remedies that can resolve hemorrhoids for good. 

Cayenne pepper seems to be one of these hemorrhoid treatments, but to truly view its effectiveness, one has to examine the scientific evidence surrounding this spice-turned-hemorrhoid-reliever.

Cayenne pepper has capsaicin, the chili pepper’s active component.  The capsaicin component has been extracted for many uses, including those of pharmaceutical purposes. 

When you are researching cayenne pepper and how it relates to hemorrhoids, you are seeing how capsaicin plays an essential role in subsiding symptoms.  You may also see references to Capsicum, which is the plant genus that includes cayenne pepper. 

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, capsicum is rated “likely effective” for the following issues:

  • Nerve damage in relation to the disease of diabetes
  • Nerve damage caused by a case of the shingles disease
  • Pain

When treating pain, capsicum has proven itself to be effective.  Many studies show that with creams that can be applied directly to the skin or in the form of a patch, pain can be effectively treated in patients.

If you are looking into how cayenne pepper can help with hemorrhoids, just remember always to refer back to the hard evidence.  Cayenne pepper can also produce adverse effects on the skin, so be careful when applying it to your hemorrhoids. 

You may want to test creams, ointments, and gels in an inconspicuous place first. 

Is Cayenne Pepper Safe? 

Capsaicin is a chili pepper extract that contains analgesic properties, meaning it can relieve pain.  The acids derived from capsaicin can help with controlling nerve pain. 

Cayenne pepper's spice and heat come from capsaicin, so when discussing the effects and health benefits of cayenne pepper, it is crucial to note the role in which capsaicin plays.

In an in-depth study from 2012 produced by the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, experimental trials delved into the role that capsaicin plays concerning physiological systems and pain research.  

The study conducted multiple trials in researching how this vanilloid manages pain as a therapeutic agent and how it generates hypersensitivity, among its many other abilities to interact with human and animal physiology. 

For cayenne pepper, there could be a risk of causing skin irritation with its direct application, especially to such a sensitive area like the rectum. 

Because of all of the thorough research conducted on cayenne pepper’s component of capsaicin, it has been deemed safe and effective to use to treat pain.  Cayenne pepper should not be used in the eye area, and in some cases, it can cause skin irritation.

There are plenty of over the counter creams that can be used for pain, including those that can be safely applied in the rectal area. 

These creams are likely found with the pepper vanilloid capsaicin, which with its many years of investigative and scientific studies has evidence to support its safe use.

Cayenne Pepper Tea for Hemorrhoids 

Cayenne pepper tea is an at-home method to treat hemorrhoids and can be achieved easily with the same cayenne pepper you use as a spice in your food dishes. 

Many of these avid tea-drinkers state that with a cup of daily cayenne pepper tea, you can expect your hemorrhoids to go away, and stay away.

To brew a cup of cayenne pepper tea, follow this example recipe:

  1. Boil a cup of hot water
  2. Pour the hot water into a cup with one teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  3. Let the tea cool before drinking

Recipes can include other ingredients to balance out the flavor of the cayenne pepper tea, such as lemon juice or even honey.  According to reviews on hemorrhoids and cayenne pepper tea, you can expect your hemorrhoids and their symptoms to disappear within a day or so of consumption.

You should note that there is a lack of evidence-based research indicating that this method is safe or effective, especially in the treatment of hemorrhoids.  While you can try drinking cayenne pepper tea for your hemorrhoids, you should first discuss this method with your doctor.  

There could be unknown effects in drinking cayenne pepper tea, especially if done so repeatedly and for long periods of time.

Cayenne Pepper Pills and Capsules for Hemorrhoids

Many people take cayenne pepper pills or capsules for hemorrhoid relief, but also for other health effects.

Some consumers using this natural spice in the treatment of their hemorrhoids report that it gave them abdominal cramps and other gastrointestinal issues when taking it on an empty stomach. 

How Does Cayenne Pepper Help Hemorrhoids?

Follow the product labels’ instructions when taking cayenne pepper as a supplement for hemorrhoids.  The risk of upsetting your stomach could result in diarrhea or constipation, both of which can worsen hemorrhoids.

Top-rated cayenne pepper pills and capsule that can be purchased online include:

  • NOW Cayenne 500 mg Capsules
  • Nature’s Way Cayenne Pepper Vcaps
  • Swanson Cayenne 450 mg Capsules
  • Nature’s Answer Cayenne Pepper Capsules
  • GNC Herbal Plus Cayenne Pepper 500 mg 

Cayenne Pepper Paste for Hemorrhoids 

Many people who have tried cayenne pepper paste for their hemorrhoids remarked that the paste worked right away in reducing inflammation and swelling

It is advisable that you discuss this method of hemorrhoid relief first with your doctor before trying it.

Cayenne pepper paste consists of raw cayenne pepper spice mixed with a liquid, either water or another anti-inflammatory substance, to create a thick paste. 

This method is said to work by rubbing the paste over the hemorrhoids and letting it sit for a period.

The issue with this method is that any raw pepper substance that is applied to such a sensitive area could cause further irritation and damage.  This approach may not be suitable for hemorrhoids, which are already sharp anal protrusions.

A better method for those wanting to utilize the benefits of cayenne pepper and capsaicin would be finding this active compound in safer, pain alleviating ointment that can be purchased over the counter. 

This way, you will still receive the benefits of capsaicin, but in a manner in which it has been manufactured for safe skin application.

Cayenne Pepper Hemorrhoid Reviews

Cayenne pepper has received plenty of support online to attribute to its effectiveness in relieving hemorrhoids.  Many sufferers swear by its use, whether they are drinking cayenne pepper tea, taking cayenne pepper dietary supplements, or using a mixture of cayenne pepper with other hemorrhoid-shrinking ingredients.

It may seem suspicious that with so many reviews praising cayenne pepper, indicating that it has improved consumers’ circulation, blood pressure, arthritis, and hemorrhoids. 

Cayenne pepper has been researched enough to have substantial evidence in supporting its positive effects in relieving pain, and there isn't enough to support all of these other claims made by consumers.

However, many tea-drinkers who have included cayenne pepper in their beverages or those who have religiously taken cayenne pepper capsules state that after suffering from years of hemorrhoids; have finally found a consistent solution.

Cayenne Pepper Scam & Hoax

Health myths are unfortunately common, and once someone says something, especially with the spreading wildfire of the Internet, most people believe it to be true. 

Cayenne pepper has fallen victim to this and has gone from a kitchen spice added to jazz up guacamole, to a naturally occurring ingredient that can stop heart attacks on the spot.

According to the misinformed corners of the Internet, cayenne pepper can stop a heart attack. 

The hoax indicates that by drinking cayenne pepper that has been dissolved in water, or in its capsule form, it immediately works to stop the heart from convulsing.

Concerning hemorrhoids, cayenne pepper has been said to be a spice to avoid because it can worsen hemorrhoidal symptoms. 

A study conducted in 2006 reviewed this claim, resolving the myth entirely.  The study concluded that spicy foods, including those with cayenne pepper, can be enjoyed whole-heartedly, and does not worsen hemorrhoids.

As mentioned previously, when it comes to natural remedies that promise to “cure” hemorrhoids, it is essential to turn to the scientific facts. 

There is no cure for hemorrhoids, and while this is unfortunate news for those looking for an end-all solution, there are steps that can be taken to prevent them from developing.

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