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Bio Oil vs Vitamin E Oil - The Shocking Truth About Bio Oil and Vitamin E Oil

Posted on 10 November 2017 by

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Bio Oil vs Vitamin E Oil, The Shocking Truth About Bio Oil and Vitamin E - Which One is Better and actually works? 

So you have stretch marks or scars and not sure whether Bio Oil or plain old Vitamin E is more effective. Well you have come to the right place.

We will compare these two stretch mark and scar treatments paying particular attention to their reviews, ingredients and of course cost.

The use of a good stretch mark oil or cream is essential to minimizing the appearance of stretch marks and scars and preventing stretch marks from developing in the future.

Pregnant women are especially susceptible to getting stretch marks due to the rapid weight gain they experience, especially in the second and third trimester of their pregnancy. But don’t start applying your oil or cream then.

Start early in first trimester or as soon as you learn you are pregnant so that the skin is good and moisturized when all that growing takes place.

Introduction to Bio Oil and Vitamin E

That said, lets begin our comparison of two powerhouses in the stretch mark and scars category, Bio Oil v. Vitamin E Oil.

The reason most do not purchase these products is because they can often be too greasy, get on things like your clothes, and be quite messy.

An alternative to both is Senvie's Scar and Stretch mark cream, which is one of the highest rated scar and stretch mark products on Amazon.

If your still hung up on Bio Oil or Vitamin E, use Senvie Scar and Stretch during the day and an Oil at night. That way your only risking your sheets and not your clothes!scar cream

Bio Oil vs Vitamin E Oil For Stretch Marks

Other than pregnancy, which is prime time for stretch marks to appear, being a bodybuilder, athlete or simply just experiencing the winter season will place you at risk of developing stretch marks.

The truth is we do fatten up for the winter especially in colder climates.

The bodies response to the change in season is one factor, but also the lack of movement and exercise that come along with the cold weather help to fatten us up.

If we fatten up too quickly we can get stretch marks.

The use of Bio Oil and Vitamin E work to moisturize the skin and keep it healthy. If the skin is moisturized then it will be less likely to form stretch mark and reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.

Bio Oil Ingredients vs. Vitamin E Oil Ingredients

Bio Oil has 29 ingredients, most of which are found in cosmetics and the like with the main active ingredient being baby oil.

So really, the comparison of Bio Oil Ingredients vs Vitamin E Oil is truly Baby Oil v Vitamin E. With things in perspective, we believe Bio Oil is the winner in the ingredients category because Baby Oil is a better moisturizer than Vitamin E Oil.

Since both nourish and moisturize, we actually would recommend the use of both together. Mixing Bio Oil with Vitamin E is definitely better for your skin.

Although, there is no point in doing that when you can purchase a single cream to both moisturize and nourish which is specifically formulated for stretch marks and scars. (See Our Top Creams For 2018 here)

Bio Oil vs Vitamin E Oil For Scars

Bio Oil vs Vitamin E Oil for scars is a similar matchup.

Once again, the two products are really geared towards moisturizing which is better for stretch marks and not for scars. 

While it is good to keep the parts of your skin that have scars on them moisturized, there are products out there designed specifically for the prevention and reduction in appearance of stretch marks, like Selevax, which contain true scar related ingredients in addition to moisturizers.

Vitamin E Oil For For Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Many women use Vitamin E on their stomach during pregnancy. Both Vitamin E Oil and Bio Oil are very effective at moisturizing the skin.

Keeping the skin moisturized and trying not to gain too much weight too quickly can help prevent those ugly tears in middle layer of your skin.

They start out looking red, because the skin is actually ripped and injured. Then over time they change color with white streaks which is actually the skin repairing itself with scar tissue.

In addition to using a moisturizer like vitamin E and/or Bio Oil (baby oil) use a trusted stretch mark cream to increases your chances of keeping your skin beautiful.

Does Vitamin E Oil Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Vitamin E does not get rid of stretch marks.

There is actually quite a bit of research on Vitamin E’ effect on the skin and unfortunately very little Vitamin E actually is absorbed by the skin.

However, the oil does moisturize the skin.

But as far as the Vitamin E repairing the skin on a cellular level as some claim, there is little research to back that up.

The moisturizing of the stretch marks or scar may temporarily reduce the appearance of the scar or stretch mark, which Bio Oil does as well.

The good news is that Vitamin E lotion is safe during pregnancy, because as we established only minuscule amounts of Vitamin E even get absorbed into the skin. In other words, the level of Vitamin E entering the body can not harm you or your baby.

The best Vitamin E Oil for pregnancy is actually a cream which contains Vitamin E and is an.

For the list of the top stretch mark creams of 2018 click here.

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