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The 7 Best Herbs for Hemorrhoids You’ll Need For Maximum Hemorrhoid Relief

Posted on 21 June 2018 by

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In this post, we will discuss the 7 Best Herbs for Hemorrhoids Relief. We've researched all the top hemorrhoid herbs thoroughly, to make sure you can say goodbye to your hemorrhoid pain for good. 

Why Choose Herbs for Hemorrhoids? 

Herbs have been used to treat hemorrhoids for centuries. Many cultures all over the world have been using herbs as a way to get natural relief from hemorrhoids. We researched the top herbs for hemorrhoids so that you can finally get they pain relief from hemorrhoids you deserve.

Horse Chestnut

The horse chestnut, also known as a buckeye or Spanish chestnut, has been in use in traditional medicine for quite some time, but it is only until recently have studies been done on its use. 

Horse Chestnut for hemorrhoids

Horse chestnut is used to treat or target the following symptoms:

  • Leg pain
  • Joint inflammation and discomfort
  • Bladder and intestinal issues
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Reducing swelling
  • Skin sores

Native to the Balkan Peninsula and grown internationally, the horse chestnut is nowadays utilized to treat joint pain, gastrointestinal conditions, and leg cramps.  This nut has been manufactured into a dietary supplement for venous insufficiency, and this method of treatment has many research studies to support results.  

Of course, horse chestnut is also used to treat hemorrhoids and swelling.  Hemorrhoids are in fact swollen clusters of blood vessels that populate the anal area and can form inside the rectum as well.

How does horse chestnut extract help with hemorrhoids?  Horse chestnuts are composed of aescin, a mixture of chemical compounds known as saponins that have anti-inflammatory properties as well as a vasoconstrictor and vasoprotective effects. 

Meaning, these principles work to alleviate blood vessel conditions while also narrowing them, essentially restricting blood. 

Its restriction of blood through veins is what makes the horse chestnut perfect for hemorrhoids because when these blood vessels become inflamed, aescin strives to reduce their swelling, and in turn, aescin drives away symptoms. 

While there is still limited research on the horse chestnut's effects on hemorrhoids, it does help with inflammation and reduces swelling, and a study from 1976 shows evidence of this.

Horse chestnut use for hemorrhoids can be found in many different forms. 

Creams, dietary supplements, and essential oils can utilize horse chestnut as its main component.  When taking or applying horse chestnut for hemorrhoids, remember to follow the product label instructions for correct dosage and application.

As with any other medication, talk to your doctor before taking or applying horse chestnut extract, supplements, creams, or herbs for your hemorrhoids.  It should be noted that people with kidney, liver, or other intestinal or digestive disorders should avoid horse chestnut. 

Do not consume any unprocessed horse chestnuts or their seeds, leaves, bark, or flowers, as these nuts are poisonous to humans. 

Witch Hazel 

Witch hazel seems to be the central herb mothers always suggest their children use when anything is swelling, aching, burning, or itching, and for a good reason.  Witch hazel has been used in healing medicines for centuries. 

witch hazel for hemorrhoids

Witch hazel can be found in its home of North America, its blooms yellow flowers but it is the bark and leaves of a witch hazel shrub that is used for medicines.  Witch hazel can be ingested for internal treatment, but nowadays, hemorrhoid sufferers use witch hazel as a topical method.

Tannins are present in witch hazel, and those found in witch hazel have a profound effect on bleeding hemorrhoids.  Tannins reduce inflammation, a useful property that can encourage hemorrhoids to shrink more quickly. 

Like horse chestnut, witch hazel also contains vasoconstrictive properties, making it ideal to treat inflamed hemorrhoids.

High-rated products that contain witch hazel:

  • Tucks Wipes
  • Swanson Full Spectrum Witch Hazel Capsules
  • Preparation H Medicated Wipes
  • Thayers Topical Pain Reliever, Medicated Superhazel 

Is witch hazel all that it is cracked up to be? With hearing about witch hazel and its miracle effects for years, those looking to relieve their hemorrhoid symptoms are likely questioning how useful this herb is.

There have been years of studies done on witch hazel to support its beneficial application to relieve skin inflammation, irritations, and temporary relief of hemorrhoid symptoms. 

The witch hazel herb's natural properties work to reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids when it is directly applied, all while also leaving the skin with a cooling sensation.

Witch hazel works best when it is used directly on painful external hemorrhoids.  While there are supplements with witch hazel that can be consumed, you won't get any soothing, cooling feeling if you go this route. 

Witch hazel's strong suit is the relief it provides when it is applied to hemorrhoids and the surrounding inflamed area of skin. 

Despite all the talk about witch hazel being the end-all, be-all for hemorrhoids, witch hazel does not magically cure hemorrhoids overnight.  Although, when applied to an external hemorrhoid, it can alleviate pain, intense itching, and the symptom of anal burning. 

Similar to aloe vera, witch hazel has a cooling feeling after it is applied.

So, while not a “cure” for hemorrhoids, witch hazel has proven itself in the realm of science a useful method for relieving painful hemorrhoids and their symptoms. 

Witch hazel is most effective when it is applied externally to the hemorrhoids.  Medicated wipes and creams are the two most popular applications of witch hazel in treating hemorrhoids.


Initially discovered and isolated in 1828, hesperidin originates from citrus fruits and is a bioflavonoid. This plant chemical has been found to aid in blood vessel function and has the potential to reduce inflammation; two properties can relieve swollen hemorrhoids. 

Hesperidin is used for the following symptoms:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Leg ulcers

  • Poor circulation

Hesperidin is also used for the following health conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Lymphedema
  • Varicose veins

There is not enough sufficient evidence to support its effectiveness in these areas.

When searching for a hesperidin product or supplement for hemorrhoid treatment, keep in mind that it is likely that hesperidin is marketed for solving these conditions, despite the lack of support for these claims. 

Even so, capsules containing bioflavonoids or hesperidin can reduce inflammation in hemorrhoids and is a safe method in doing so. 

A study conducted in 2015 demonstrated the usefulness of hesperidin in hemorrhoid treatment.  The experiment used hesperidin in combination with diosmin, another bioflavonoid derived from citrus fruits, and troxerutin, a bioflavonoid with vasoprotective properties. 

Patients who received this mixture for hemorrhoid treatment showed improved symptoms, including a decreased presence of prolapsed and thrombosed hemorrhoids

Unlike the placebo group, these patients demonstrated a reduction of swelling, excess fluids trapped in hemorrhoid cavities and tissue, and blood clots.

Other scientific research suggests that hesperidin and flavonoids, in general, can strengthen blood vessels while also having anti-inflammatory effects. 

Results from various studies reported a reduction in symptoms such as itching and bleeding. 

However, science has acknowledged that more research must be conducted before making a statement on hesperidin's actual effectiveness in treating hemorrhoids.

Hesperidin is derived from citrus fruits so it is perfectly safe to use as a method of treatment for hemorrhoids. Hesperidin is naturally occurring and found in citrus fruits, and because of this, there is a low risk in taking hesperidin supplements.

Hesperidin is typically found in a capsule form, and if you decide to take hesperidin to treat hemorrhoids, follow the product’s label for instructions on the correct dosage. 

Hesperidin is typically marketed as a solution to venous legs, blood vessel support, and even support for the respiratory system and sinuses.

Products that utilize hesperidin as a means to target hemorrhoids are:

  • Douglas Laboratories Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone
  • Swanson Ultra Diosmin & Hesperidin Caps
  • Piping Rock Health Products Hesperidin Capsules
  • Hesperidin Powder BulkSupplements
  • NOW Citrus Bioflavonoids Capsules

Butchers Broom 

When in search of hemorrhoid relief, there is a definite chance you will come across products that include Butcher's broom as a main ingredient.  Native to Eurasia, Butcher’s broom has properties similar to horse chestnut, witch hazel, calendula, and chamomile, all botanicals that are frequently used to treat hemorrhoids.

Ruscus Acculeatus, known by its several amusing names, thorny fragon, jew’s myrtle, box holly, sweet broom, knee holly, and in Italian, mouse stinger, grows stiff, sharp-tipped leaves and is adorned with red berries.

Butcher’s broom is used to treat several conditions.  However, like other botanical herbs utilized to treat wide-ranging conditions, it is essential to look to studies to see what scientific results exist to prove its effectiveness. 

These are the conditions and issues where the use of Butcher’s broom has been applied as a method of treatment, despite some disorders having a lack of evidence to support its effectiveness.

Butcher's is used to treat the following health concerns:

  • Constipation
  • Circulatory problems
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Reducing inflammation and swelling
  • Lymphedema
  • To encourage proper urination
  • To alleviate leg cramping 

Research supports Butcher's brooms usage in treating those with circulatory problems, primarily assisting in issues with veins. 

Studies have shown that Butcher's broom has scientific validation in benefiting hemorrhoids because of this effect, but these studies have mainly focused on chronic vascular insufficiency. 

Scientifically speaking, Butcher’s broom contains saponins and ruscinogens, the two most active chemical compounds.  For hemorrhoid treatment, Butcher's broom is typically taken in a capsule form, but extracts are often made utilizing tea and topical applications.

With its long history of hemorrhoid treatment, Butcher’s broom has been shown to reduce patients’ overall symptoms.  A 2002 study looked at the potential of botanical herbs, having patients take 150 mg of Butcher’s broom as a hemorrhoid treatment.

After taking several days' worth of capsules containing Butcher's broom, patients reported a noticeable decrease in inflammation of their hemorrhoids and pain and severity subsided.

You will see Butcher's broom often combined with flavonoids in numerous products.  However, research has indicated that the use of Butcher's broom by itself without any additives may provide you with stronger effects in treating your hemorrhoids.

Popular products with Butcher’s broom:

  • Nature’s Way Butcher’s Broom Vcaps
  • Bianca Rosa Butcher’s broom Salve Ointment
  • Sunflower Butcher’s Broom Extract
  • Nature’s Answer Butcher’s Broom Root Tablets

Like hesperidin, Butcher’s broom is commonly marketed as a solution for varicose veins, vein support, or to promote circulation.  These Butcher’s broom products may be labeled differently, but it will still have positive effects on relieving hemorrhoids. 


Bilberry is a short Eurasian shrub that produces edible darkly colored berries.  These berries are similar looking to North American blueberries, and while they are closely related, bilberries lack the star-shaped flaps that blueberries have on their tops and instead have a smooth, circular imprint.

Since the Middle Ages, bilberry has been used to treat:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Scurvy
  • Burns
  • Vision and eye problems
  • Diabetes
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Circulatory issues

While bilberry has been utilized in treatments for these diseases and disorders, there is not enough evidence to demonstrate precisely how impactful bilberries are in resolving all of these issues. 

Although there have been a limited number of clinical trials performed, bilberry has conclusively proven itself in reducing inflammation.  

Hemorrhoids, because they are irritated and swollen veins and blood vessels, responds well to bilberry supplements because of its anti-inflammatory nature and ability to assist in normalize veins and blood vessel functions. 

Despite the minimal amount of clinical studied conducted on hemorrhoids and bilberries, its anti-inflammatory principals can encourage hemorrhoids to shrink more quickly on their own. 

Its anti-inflammatory principles can help lessen symptoms of pain, discomfort, intense itching or burning. 

Bilberry is mostly found in capsule form as a dietary supplement.  Like other botanical and plant supplements, Bilberry is not often marketed as a hemorrhoid solution. 

Bilberry is mainly advertised as a supplement to aid in eye care, healthy circulation, anti-inflammatory, or as a powerful antioxidant.

This fruit contains a high concentration of antioxidants known as anthocyanins, and these antioxidants are what give bilberries their deep blue pigmentation. 

Research suggests that this antioxidant can have health benefits.

As with any other supplements, be sure to speak with your doctor about taking bilberry as a method of relief for hemorrhoids.  Bilberry fruit is perfectly safe to consume, but its leaves are considered to be damaging when taken orally for too long. 

Bilberry can be found on Amazon, drug stores, other online retailers, or superstores like Walmart and Target.  While bilberry can be found in its berry form, it can also be purchased in capsules. 

Some consumer favorite bilberry extract products that are available on Amazon are: 

  • Athelas Neutraceuticals Bilberry Capsules
  • Solgar Bilberry Ginko Vegetable Capsules
  • Real Herbs Bilberry Extract
  • GNC Herbal Plus Bilberry Extract Lutein


Diosmin is another bioflavonoid that is frequently combined with hesperidin in the treatment of hemorrhoids.  This flavone is also known as venosmine, and it can be found in herbs, more specifically naturally occurring in citruses like limes, grapefruits, lemons, and oranges. 

Like bilberry, horse chestnut, hesperidin, and Butcher’s broom, diosmin is employed in the treatment of venous diseases like chronic venous insufficiency.  Its properties concerning treating veins are excellent in also assisting in hemorrhoid therapies.

Diosmin is frequently paired with hesperidin to maximize its effects.  When searching for diosmin as a supplement, you will notice that hesperidin is added to the mix of ingredients quite often.

Products and supplements that can be found on Amazon include: 

  • Purity Products Nuvaprin HD Tablets
  • Swanson Diosvein Diosmin/Hesperidin Capsules
  • Life Extension European Leg Solution Featuring Certified Diosmin
  • Naturetition Hesperidin and Diosmin Capsules

In a study conducted in 1992, results confirmed that by taking oral diosmin tablets, patients showed improved symptoms of first-degree and second-degree internal hemorrhoids.  This study also indicated that there were no detectable side effects in patients taking diosmin for a number of days. 

Statistically, hemorrhoids improved and the research concluded that diosmin is an effective and safe means of hemorrhoidal therapy. 

The promotion of normal vein function is crucial when hemorrhoids are concerned.  These inflamed clusters of blood vessels and veins cause pain, itching, burning because the swelling compromises the passage of blood supply.

Diosmin can help manage this and encourage normalcy in veins and blood vessels, and for this reason, is why diosmin is used in treating problems with veins, like spider veins, varicose veins, venous ulcers, and swelling in the legs.

Diosmin supplements and other medications with this flavone is safe to take for up to 6 months.  Hemorrhoid treatments are usually implemented to the effect of a few days or weeks, and this will fall under the 6-month mark.

If you require taking diosmin for a period longer than this for hemorrhoids, then you may need alternative treatment for reoccurring or stubborn hemorrhoids.

Possible side effects for long-term use of diosmin can be:

  • Redness of the skin and hives
  • Muscular pain
  • Altered heart rate
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches


Enovita is a grape seed extract that relies on the health benefits of grape seed oil to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms.  Enovita contains proanthocyanidins, a class of polyphenols primarily found in numerous plant species. 

Proanthocyanidins, like hesperidin and diosmin, are a flavonoid and can be found naturally in plant parts.

Enovita is an extracted marketed by Indena, a company that researches and manufactures plant extracts to be used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.   Enovita is created from grape seeds exclusively from white wine production and is in the form of a light orange-brown powder. 

Enovita’s contents are described as containing antioxidants with capillarotropic properties, meaning as well as building a stronger immune system, Enovita strives to support the function and health of capillaries and blood vessels. 

Known for their contents that include potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, proanthocyanidins have just peaked the interest of the scientific community, and new studies are continuously being released on their effects.

A study completed in 2014 analyzed the effects of proanthocyanidins in treating hemorrhoids by examining the impact of two herbal medications.  Results confirmed that patients saw a reduction in hemorrhoid symptoms and reported that swelling was noticeably decreased.

Grape seed oil has long been advocated as a natural treatment method for hemorrhoids. 

Enovita, a grape seed extract leans on grape seed's anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids, a significant cause behind hemorrhoidal symptoms. 

Grape seed extract was first developed in the 1970s, and since its introduction to the market, has been used as a dietary supplement for venous insufficiency, the reduction of inflammation, and the promotion of healing in wounds.

Over the decades since its premiere as a health extract, studies have found that grape seed oil conclusively reduces inflammation, which is great news for those with hemorrhoids.  Grape seed extract has also been shown to assist in the prevention of various cancers, like prostate, lung, and colon cancer. 

Like other herbal and plant extracts, grape seed oil in its supplement form targets inflammation in the anal-rectal region, calming the swollen hemorrhoids and working to reduce their symptoms. 

Enovita is a concentration of grape seed and plant-based antioxidants that have demonstrated positive effects in treating hemorrhoids efficiently.

In taking Enovita as a dietary supplement, its recommended dose is 150 mg twice a day.  Grape seed extract, according to studies, has a low risk when consumed in moderate amounts and tests show that it is safe to take unless you have a bleeding disorder. 

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