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7 Foods to Keep Wrinkles At Bay

Posted on 09 June 2016 by

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While many of us believe that wrinkles are the natural result of aging, and we can either accept them, get Botox or save up for a facelift, there are steps we can take to prevent wrinkles from aging us before our time. 

And while a good skin care regimen is a must – a good anti-wrinkle cream should be part of your skin-care arsenal – tackling wrinkles from the inside out can help improve your skin, slow the progression of wrinkles and keep you looking radiant, youthful and glowing.

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Choosing the right foods – and eschewing a diet featuring little more than chips and burgers – can have a big impact on your appearance by turning your body into a wrinkle-fighting machine, warding off a whole host of health problems at the same time.

While topical creams can show some improvements in skin quality, the majority of ingredients just remains on the skins surface,” according to registered dietician Tanya Zuckerbrot, creator of the fiber-based F-Factor Diet. “A well-balanced diet can ensure that nutrients are absorbed into the skin.”

When you feed your body well, you feed your skin, too, and your face will reward you.

It’s better to get the nutrients for healthy skin from food, not supplements,” said cookbook author and “Top Chef” judge Gail Simmons. “Salmon, walnuts, blueberries, spinach ... lots of my favorite foods happen to be amazing for skin, too.”

Some wrinkle-fighting foods to try:


Packed with antioxidants, blueberries help protect skin by fighting off free radicals. Free radicals are essentially damaged cells that wreak havoc on the body as they search for a necessary molecule to be healthy again. They particularly like to raid collagen and elastin cells to get it, but antioxidants are the peacemakers, and they are able to offer up the necessary molecule without damage to themselves, meaning the skin proteins collagen and elastin are protected from the damage of free radicals.


Salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, a good fat that has a big impact on your skin’s appearance.

These fatty acids are responsible for the health of the cell membrane, which is not only what acts as the barrier to things that are harmful, but also the passageway for nutrients to cross in and out and for waste products to get in and out of the cell,” Ann Yelmokas McDermott, PhD, a nutritionist at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston, told

The cell membrane is what helps cells maintain moisture, McDermott added, so they look younger and are less likely to denigrate into wrinkles.

Other good sources of omega-3s include walnuts, flax seeds and tuna.


The vitamin C in strawberries can not only help prevent health problems, it can also stimulate collagen production, helping to prevent wrinkles as well.

In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vitamin C-rich foods were associated with less noticeable wrinkles and less dryness,” said registered dietician Lisa Drayer, author of “The Beauty Diet: Looking Great Has Never Been So Delicious.”

Other foods high in vitamin C include kiwi, papaya, bell pepper, pineapple, oranges and cantaloupe.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet PotatoesRich in vitamin A, sweet potatoes and other foods packed with beta-carotene can help take the place of those retinol products that make up the bulk of the skin-care aisle, or ensure that they won’t be faced with such a tough job when you use them.

Vitamin A helps increase cell turnover, so fresh, younger-looking cells are revealed more quickly.

With time, cell turnover slows, leaving behind dull, lackluster skin that is more prone to wrinkles. Add foods rich in vitamin A to your diet, and you can turn back the clock, restoring your skin’s ability to turn over cells faster.

In addition to sweet potatoes, acorn squash, cantaloupe, carrots and virtually all the greens – collard greens, spinach, kale, mustard greens, beet and turnip greens and Swiss chard – are all packed with plenty of vitamin A.


According to a 2007 Japanese study that appeared in the European Journal of Nutrition, those who ate more soy were not only more protected from photoaging – damage from the sun that causes wrinkles and other signs of aging – soy also helped heal existing damage, including fine line and wrinkles.

And according to, the isoflavones in soy help boost collagen production, protecting skin from wrinkles while improving its tone, texture and brightness.

Some good sources of soy include edamame, dried soybeans, tofu and soy milk.

Green Tea

From diet aid to skin-care ingredient, green tea is the ‘it’ product for its health-boosting antioxidants.

While topical applications are beneficial – especially if you’re using a good-quality skin-care cream - consuming the antioxidants in green tea will give you double the benefits, and will help you see real results even faster.

According to the experts, the active ingredients in green tea can help counteract bad lifestyle choices by rejuvenating skin cells that have been damaged by sun, air pollution or a poor diet.

Green tea also helps protect collagen and elastin from enzymes that break the important skin proteins down, so skin stays stronger, more supple and less likely to wrinkle.

Clearly, it’s time to find your inner British goddess and make green tea time a regular part of your day.

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