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Strataderm Reviews - Does Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel For Scars Really Work?

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Check out this Strataderm review to see if Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel Really Works For Scars!

Introduction to Strataderm

Created by Swiss dermatologists, Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel takes advantage of the benefits of silicone, which is considered the gold standard when it comes to scar treatment options (1).

Silicone acts as an oxygen-permeable layer on the skin’s surface, locking in moisture while protecting skin from pollutants, creating the optimum environment for healing.

What Causes Scars?

Scars are the result of tissue restructuring after damage occurs to the outer layers. New tissue is made primarily of collagen fibers, which fill in damaged areas.

New collagen, produced as a response to inflammation, tends to be more tightly packed than the collagen of uninjured skin, which is why scar tissue is not only textured differently than uninjured skin but also darker in color.

Is Our #1 Scar and Stretch Mark Cream Below Better Than Strataderm?

The deeper the damage to skin or the larger the surface area, the more noticeable the scar is likely to be.

There are a variety of factors that may impact the skin’s healing process, including the health and hydration levels of skin, age, skin type and circulation to the skin’s surface.

Why Silicone?

Silicone is one of the most popular treatment options for scars, ever since researchers in 1982 used silicone sheeting along with compression bandages and splints in 1982 as a way to put uniform pressure on burn scars.

That was followed up with research that determined silicone in fluid form was not permeable through the skin’s surface, making it as effective as silicone sheeting when used to help treat existing scars because of its ability to trap in essential moisture.

Topical silicone gel is safe and effective treatment for hypertrophic and keloidal scars. It is easy to apply and cosmetically acceptable,” according to the results of a 2009 study from researchers at Guru Gobind Singh Medical College’s Department of Dermatology in Punjab, India.

Strataderm was developed for use on all types of scars including those resulting from general surgery, trauma, chronic wounds, burns or bites. Over time, Strataderm is believed to help soften and flatten raised scars, reducing discoloration and relieving the itching that often accompanies new scars as they heal.

Strataderm Product Video Review

According to the company’s website, in 2002, an international advisory panel on scar management published clinical recommendations on scar management and wrote that silicone sheeting was the best treatment option for new scars, based on a review of 300 published references.

The Benefits of Strataderm Scar Gel

Strataderm takes advantage of new technology in silicone scar treatment by offering the benefits of silicone sheeting without the drawbacks.

Because it is in gel form, Strataderm is more convenient to use that silicone sheets, which are inconvenient for scars on the face and sometimes don’t stay adhered properly when exposed to water.

Strataderm dries to form a silicone sheet, but it is more flexible and less irritating the sheeting. It is also transparent, so it can easily be covered by makeup after application, making it ideal for use on facial scars.

It can also be used on skin with hair without the need for shaving, and it ensures that the scar is covered by silicone consistently, 24 hours a day, which speeds the healing process.

Does Strataderm Work For Scars?

While there are only a handful of online reviews, the company has posted several before-and-after photos as clinical studies of the effectiveness of Strataderm. Scars, even some more than a year old, showed significant improvement in color and texture in as little as two months.

While Strataderm is pricy – the product is $45 for a 10-gram tube – it appears to be an effective treatment option for both old and new scars.

Strataderm Before and After Photos

strataderm before and after photos

If you use this product at least once daily you’ll start seeing results after a few weeks. I haven’t used it on old scars, but my new scars have completely flattened and lightened a lot in two months of use,” said one Amazon customer, who gave the product a five-star review.

A 2006 dermatological study looked at the results of 1,522 patients who had used silicone gel to treat a variety of different types of scars over a period of 20 months. Doctors examined scars for not only pliability and height, but also color as well as pain and itchiness. The results were rated as “good” or “very good” by 82.6 percent of doctors and 81.4 percent of patients. Almost 100 percent of patients experienced no irritation from silicone gel usage.

Is Strataderm Safe to Use?

Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel is made of a silicone, which the medical community recommends as an effective treatment for scars.

According to researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health, silicone gel is a safe and effective method for treating a variety of different scars, especially so acne scars on the face or other scars on locations where silicone sheeting – which also offers pressure to prevent collagen overproduction – would be difficult to apply.

Acne and chickenpox often result in small circular indentations called atrophic scars (2). 

Where Can I Buy Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel Online?

Strataderm, which has a Facebook page for more information, is available through the company’s United States website as well as and

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