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Pureaty Naturals Scar Removal Gel Reviews

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Pureaty Scar Removal Gel Review - This is an all-natural scar treatment featuring botanical extracts designed to help improve the appearance of scars.

Like other popular scar removal products, the Pureaty Naturals formula contains allium cepa, an onion extract that helps reduce inflammation at the sight of the scar to control collagen production. Not only has it been shown to prevent collagen from regenerating too fast at the site of an injury, resulting in a scar, the extract is also believed to boost collagen production in the skin’s dermis layer after a scar has formed, speeding the healing process.

Experts believe it is the flavonoids quercetin and kaempferol that play a role in regulating the fibroblast cells that encourage the production of new collagen after an injury.

According to a 2010 study from Italian researchers, onion extract had a positive impact on both hypertrophic scars, which are slightly raised due to excess collagen production, and keloid scars, in which the growth beyond skin boundaries is much more pronounced, when applied regularly.

Topical applications of … allium cepa … twice a day for 24 weeks seems to be useful in reducing neoangiogenesis in hypertrophic scars and keloids, resulting in clinical improvement of skin lesions,” the researchers wrote.

Other studies, however, including one from 1999 and two from 2006, suggest that onion extract is no more effective than petroleum jelly when it comes to improving the appearance of scar tissue.

What Else Is In Pureaty Naturals Scar Removal Gel?

In addition to allium cepa, Pureaty Naturals Scar Removal Gel also includes some other natural ingredients suitable for treating scars, including calendula extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties that enhance allium cepa’s ability to reduce the production of excess collagen, which triggers scarring.

The Pureaty Naturals ingredient list also includes:

Aloe. Aloe helps control inflammation, leading to the production of less collagen as skin restructures itself to fill in the area where the scarring occurred. It also helps ease the itching that often accompanies that healing process, and helps lighten the color of darkened scar tissue.

Comfrey root. Comfrey helps wounds heal faster, so there is less chance of scarring.

Allantoin. Allantoin is an extract of comfrey leaves that helps soften keratin, the protein that gives skin’s protective outer layer its structure. It also helps slough off surface cells, revealing new skin beneath.

Sodium hyaluronate. Scar tissue is often more pronounced because new collagen holds less water than undamaged skin. Sodium hyaluronate helps lock in essential moisture, which helps skin remodel itself faster.

Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent free radicals from damaging new collagen and elastin skin cells during the healing process. It also offers rich moisture that is essential to healing.

Pureaty Naturals Scar Removal Gel Reviews

Users are almost universally satisfied with Pureaty Naturals Scar Removal Gel, with 96 percent giving it a solid five-star review.

I have been using this scar treatment gel for over a month now and it's really been helping. I have seen some newer scars lighten up in the past month. The gel is almost water like and absorbs well into the skin without leaving a sticky or oily residue,” said one reviewer.

Of the 83 posted reviews, only three were negative, although two of those reviewers questioned the authenticity of the positive reviews, based on their results.

Not even a tiny difference on my skin. Not sure if the other reviews are from real customers,” they wrote.

Does Pureaty Naturals Scar Removal Gel work?

While the studies on onion extract differ, Pureaty Naturals is missing one of the only ingredients that has been almost universally found to be effective at treating both new and existing scars.

Most dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other skin experts say that silicone is the most important ingredient to effectively treat scar tissue because it not only traps in moisture, which is essential to healing but also creates an oxygen-permeable barrier on the skin’s surface, protecting it from free radicals that could trigger an inflammatory response.

And while it would be hard to argue with the positive reviews of users, some of whom also uploaded before-and-after photographs to chart their success at treating their scars, the rave reviews are rare for scar treatment products, given the tenacity scar tissue has, making scars difficult to treat.

If the formula included silicone in some form, the reviews would be easier to believe. (At least one five-star review is likely true. The reviewer wrote, “This works amazingly well. I have a lot of scars on my hands from handling birds and they are all almost gone now. It’s high quality and smells great.” Given the randomness of bird handling, this is likely not fake.)

Although Pureaty Naturals claims to be suitable for both old and new scars, it is likely more effective on new scars, since the product’s formula includes ingredients that control inflammation, a response to injury that leads to the production of new collagen.

Where Can I Buy Pureaty Naturals Scar Removal Gel?

Pureaty Naturals Scar Removal Gel is available exclusively through

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