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Kelo Cote vs Scaraway Review - Which Scar Remover is the Best Kelo Cote or ScarAway?

Posted on 15 April 2017 by

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In our Kelo Cote vs Scaraway reviews blog post matchup we will take a look at which one is the better overall value. Did you accidentally cut yourself? Want to know which one works better for scars? Then you have come to the right place. 

Both Kelo-Cote and Scaraway are silicone based products that reduce the appearance of scars. Since the products are very similar, we did an in-depth review of the products reviews online to determine which one gets better results and ultimately has happier and more satisfied customers.

Kelo Cote or Scar Away - Our First Stop:

Both kelo cote and scaraway have a very good online presence. Both products are available for purchase on and each one has lots of reviews on the platform. Kelo-Cote has an overall star rating of 4.1 and is currently Amazon's choice. It has a total of 375 reviews and of the 375 reviews a total of 348 reviews are verified purchase by Amazon.

Is Selevax Scar Cream a Better Option than Kelo Cote or Scaraway? 

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ScarAway is also a silicone scar sheet and it has a total of 772 reviews with an average amazon star rating of 3.5 stars. So, as you can see Kelo-Cote currently has a much better star rating than Scar Away. However, Scar Away has about 300 more reviews and of the 775 reviews it has on 621 of them are verified purchase reviews.

Kelo Cote vs Scar Away Ingredients Match-up

In a lot of the products we review the ingredients arena is where it gets very interesting. However, since both of these products are essentially silicone scar sheets the ingredients are very limited, simple, and easy to decide a victor!

Silicone is a widely used treatment for scars. When used effectively, silicone can reduce the appearance of scars. Silicone does not need to be prescribed, which means you can use a silicone treatment with scars without a prescription. However, with any product, we always recommend you consult your doctor or a healthcare professional before use.

The main drawback on silicone is that since it is synthetic it is thought to be very bad for you. In addition, many people experience rahes when using silicone products on their skin.

That's why many people are turning to more natural products like our very own scar cream which is botanically infused to help with scars.

Kelo Cote's silicone gel  are 100% silicone, so that is likely why it has a much better rating than Scar Away. Scar Away has a patented silicone technology it uses in its silicone scar sheets, but it really has a poor overall score for scars. Based on the quality of the silicone (dimethicone) we would back kelo-cote over scar away.

Kelo-Cote Video Review

Does Kelo-Cote and ScarAway Really Work for Scar Removal?

The answer is yes. Both products have before and after photos of people who have used the products and the results are there for anyone to see. The Kelo Cote before and after photos show scars being greatly diminished after use. The ScarAway before and after photos also show great diminishment of the scars after prolonged use.

After looking at several before and after photos from customers for both products its our opinoin that Kelo Cote is a better option for scars long term. Once again the quality of the silicone is likely the difference maker and reason why Kelo Cote has better reviews than Scar Away.

Which Has a Better Value, Kelo Cote or Scar Away?

Kelo Cote comes in the form of a scar gel that is 100% silicone. Scar Away on the other hand comes in the form of silicone scar sheets. Scar Away has a total of 12 silicone scar sheets while Kel Cote comes in a 10g tube of scar gel. They both last for a long time and can be used for multiple scars. Kelo Cote is better in terms of value because while it costs $3 more than ScarAway it simply gets better results. If you are very hard pressed for cash you may want to try ScarAway first but we think you will be much happier paying the $3 extra and getting the better product. 

What is the Price of Scar Away and Kelo Cote?

ScarAway Video Review

Right now for a 10g tube of Kelo Cote the price is $25.25. This should last for the treatment of a couple scars. The current price for ScarAway is $22.79. It comes with 12 silicone scar sheets which should last for a few scars as well. Since Kelo Cote only costs a couple more dollars and in our opinon after doing our reseach shoulf get better results, you should buy Kelo Cote. You can get a pack of 2 Kelo-Cote for $49.99 and a 20 gram tube for $40.90. On the other hand, Scar Away unfortunately only comes in 1 size.

Where Can I Buy Kelo Cote and ScarAway?

Of course, Kelo Cote and ScarAway are currently for sale on,,,,, and many more online websites. Just simply google search both products and you will find a plethora of buying options.

Are There Coupon Codes for Kelo-Cote and ScarAway?

Yes, there are lots of coupon codes for both of these products. The coupon codes ill help you save money so definitely search for them prior to buying. Plus, it is always wise to search the ecommerce site you are buying from to see if they have any free shipping or extra coupon deals. 

Are You Looking For a Scar Cream That Works?

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