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It Works Stretch Mark Cream Reviews - Before and After Photos and More

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In this It Works Stretch Mark Cream review we will discuss this popular stretch mark cream and let you know if its worth the price tag or if there are better and cheaper options.

Stretch marks are one of the most difficult blemishes to try to get rid of on your body. Pregnant women and those who have lost a considerable amount of weight know the frustration of stretch mark removal. 

When searching for the best cream for your skin, remember that despite what a product promises, it will not completely remove your stretch marks.

At best, an effective cream can lighten and help fade a stretch mark, but it is unlikely your scar or stretch mark will go away completely.

Does It Works Stretch Mark Cream Work? 

It Works’ promise to remove stretch marks is in its brand name, but does It Works actually work or is this product’s name just another blatant attempt at obvious marketing?  

Reviews of It Works Stretch Mark Cream indicate mixed responses from customers: 

-Customers state that after applying a bottle of It Works, their duration of use does not garner any promised results

-Alternatively, users say that prolonged use of It Works has helped lighten stretch marks and scars

-Some of the 5 star reviews suggest that It Works has prevented the occurrence of stretch marks during pregnancy, although it cannot be verified if regular lotion would also produce this affect

-Consumers who leave poor, 1 star reviews state that It Works is not worth the cost, most saying that the product is “overpriced lotion”

-1 star reviews complain that the product is watery and foul smelling 

It Works Stretch Mark Cream Results: What About the Before and After Photos? 

Unlike other stretch mark creams, there is a noticeably lacking presence of before and after photos of stretch marks and scars. 

Even in the customer reviews, there is no indication of what buyers’ stretch marks look like weeks after using It Works. 

Without this photographic evidence, you can only draw what It Works states their product will do by reading their website. 

It Works advertises a transformation from before to after product use:

-Increases elasticity of the skin

-Helps make the skin firmer

-Restores an even skin tone and reduces redness

-Moisturizes the skin using natural ingredients

It Works makes an obvious point to not promise the removal of stretch marks on skin. 

In fact, It Works even added a disclaimer, stating that “individual results can and will vary”. 

What does this mean for you, the consumer? It Works is protecting itself from consumer complaints by simply saying It Will (Not) Work for everyone.

it works before and after photo

It Works Stretch Mark Cream Price and Cost

Cost is an important factor to keep in mind when searching for an effective stretch mark removal product. 

As far is It Works is concerned, the price is on the higher end for a stretch mark cream. 

Of course, this all depends where and from whom you purchase it from.

Online retailer—sites like Amazon, eBay, and other online stores act as distributors for It Works Stretch Mark Cream. 

These distributors make their own price tiers for products like It Works, so the cost of this cream can vary.  On Amazon, It Works sells for about $60-$65.

Purchasing It Works directly from the manufacturer will cost you the same amount as buying it from online sites like Amazon. 

It Works lists the retail price at $65.  One exception to consider when buying It Works direct from the manufacturer is the loyalty program that is offered to eligible customers. 

Through this loyalty service, customers will only end up paying $39 for It Works Stretch Mark Cream, a considerable difference.

Some negative reviews on Amazon complain of purchasing It Works through a distributor instead of directly from the manufacturer. 

Reviews claim that their product was not up to the standards or the quality did not match or reflect the price. 

If you do choose to purchase It Works through an online distributor, make sure that the seller plenty of positive feedback in order to avoid any potential counterfeit products.

it works stretch mark cream before and after pics

Is It Works Stretch Mark Cream Safe During Pregnancy?

Whenever you are looking to purchase a cosmetic cream during pregnancy, you will want to consult a doctor. Even if the ingredients in a formula are safe, contacting your doctor is very important when making decisions on what you should use.

Conclusion: It Sometimes Works 

When looking for a skin cream that is going to give you the best run for your money, there are few things to consider:

-Cost: if the cream you are thinking about purchasing seems rather expensive, the reviews and feedback from customers will either justify the price or make sure to disapprove of it

-Reviews: one of the most fail proof ways to see if any type of product is effective.  Customer reviews will tell you the truth about a product—good or bad.

-Studies: sometimes for big name skin creams and beauty products, unbiased, government-funded studies will be conducted to test their effectiveness.  This is a powerful tool to really take a scientific glance at a product, its tested results, and an unprejudiced conclusion.

Conclusively speaking, It Works does not have enough sufficient feedback to guarantee compelling results. 

Relying on sites like Amazon can be beneficial in deciphering if a stretch mark cream is really worth it, but It Works only has a collection of 85 reviews in total, and there are not enough 5 star reviews to make the purchase of $60 seem reasonable.

For half the cost of It Works, consumers can seek out a different remedy with natural ingredients that is known to increase hydration and support skin elasticity, such as aloe vera or coconut oil. 

There are also plenty of studies that have been conducted on superior stretch mark treatments, and many of these are popular creams or topical ointments that dominate the beauty market. 

So, save your money when it comes to It Works Stretch Mark Cream and spend it on a much cheaper and probably more beneficial alternative. 

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