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How to get Rid of Stretch Marks for Men - A Man's Guide to Stretch Marks

Posted on 16 March 2018 by

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Stretch marks take their toll on every kind of body—and for both men and women.  Despite popular belief that pregnancy is the main cause of these frustrating marks, men who lose or gain weight quickly or in substantial amounts can have a decrease in their skin’s elasticity, resulting in stretch marks. 

Fear not, because in this day and age, beauty products have expanded to men and women when it comes down to the removal of stretch marks, blemishes, and scars. 

Brands for stretch mark removal may be targeted toward women because they more commonly experience them, especially during pregnancy.  This doesn’t mean that a removal cream advertising the disappearance of pregnancy stretch marks can’t be used by men. 

Sure, it can be a little embarrassing for men to pick up a bottle directed for use by pregnant women, but it all works just the same—after all, skin is skin.

How to Fade Stretch Marks 

Usually, stretch marks on men are pinkish or purple hued or sometimes white lines that appear on the skin. 

Stretch marks look like linear tracks where the skin is bumpy, almost like a scar.  Their length and coloration varies and has much to do on the amount of weight or muscle gained or lost. 

Fading stretch marks takes patience.  They won’t disappear overnight and they take work to fade. 

There are a number of methods you can utilize to fade stretch marks, just make sure they are a part of daily routine because repeated steps will produce the most effective results.

  1. Exfoliation: by exfoliating daily, stretch marks can fade because new skin cells are encouraged to grow
  2. Sunscreen: exposure to the sun will worsen the appearance of stretch marks. Make sure you apply sunscreen before spending long periods of time outdoors
  3. Moisturize: by moisturizing, you are applying extra hydration to your skin.  Stretch marks are in need of this additional hydration because of the offset balance of collagen and elasticity.
  4. Creams: as stated previously, skin creams designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks will help in fading them.  Follow the products instructions and read the label carefully.
  5. Natural remedies: using natural remedies like coconut oil and other essential oils can aid in the reduction of stretch marks.  Turning to these natural products and utilizing their prime characteristics towards healing your skin is a great way to fade stretch marks, scars, and blemishes.
  6. Vitamins: vitamins are also a great way to internally promote skin health.  Vitamin antioxidants like A and E benefit the skin. Vitamin E is known to help maintain a healthy immune system, and vitamin A encourages overall tissue health in your eyes, skin, and bones.  You can take vitamin supplements or be sure to include them in your diet, like in fruits and vegetables. Some supplements are designed to include these vitamins and others for men to take daily.

Do Stretch Marks Go Away for Men? 

There is no definite answer to this question as all skin types are different.  Your skin is unique and will react in contrasting ways to various methods. 

The condition of stretch marks can differ as well.  Some stretch marks are more severe than others and may take additional time to fade or be in need of stronger methods of treatment.

Common Areas Affected By Stretch Marks for Men

Understanding the potential areas where stretch marks can form will allow you to prevent them.  Keeping an eye on these areas and applying lotions, creams, and moisturizing to them will keep the skin hydrated. 

This will assure that your skin remains healthy, producing new cells and an even color tone.

Stretch Marks on the Back 

Stretch marks that appear on the back are usually the result of losing or gaining weight too quickly, causing the production of collagen to become disrupted, resulting in a loss of the skin’s elasticity. 

Lower back stress marks are the most common and can also be a product of a sudden growth spurt. 

Stretch marks can also appear on the hips, which is an area that is prone to weight gain and loss.

Stretch Marks on the Arms 

Those who have gained weight or muscle typically experience stretch marks that occur on the arms. 

Many men will see stretch marks in their bicep area. 

For men, this issue happens often, especially during puberty. 

Gym goers also will see stretch marks on their arms due to the stretching of the skin to accommodate for new muscles.

Prevention of Stretch Marks is the Key for Men

Prevention of stretch marks and methods used to fade them go hand-in-hand.  Apply lotion daily and have a healthy, balanced diet with vitamins that promote skin health. 

If you are trying to lose or gain weight, work out regularly, or are going through puberty, keep an eye on potential stretch mark problem areas, like the lower back and arms.

What Stretch Mark Cream for Men is the Best?

If natural remedies don’t seem to be working, try creams designed to help in the disappearance or fading of stretch marks.  Pregnant women commonly experience stretch marks, so products advertising use will usually target this group. 

Men can also use these creams and ointments with the added benefit of the ingredients being natural and safe to use.

Hey Guy! Take Care of Your Skin

Make your skin’s health priority and you will prevent stretch marks from occurring and help fade the ones you currently have. 

Stretch marks will slowly lighten, fade, or disappear over time, but you do have to implement a daily method to assist in helping them do so. 

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