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Cicatricure Scar Gel Reviews - Does Cicatricure Really Work?

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Cicatricure Reviews - Does Cicatricure Scar Gel Really Work or Is It a Scam?

Like some of the more familiar scar creams on the market, Cicatricure Scar Gel contains allium cepa, an onion extract that helps reduce inflammation and control collagen production.

This extract has been shown to prevent collagen from regenerating too fast at the site of an injury.

When collagen is produced too quickly, it results in a scar.

The extract is also believed to boost collagen production in the skin’s dermis layer after a scar has formed, speeding the healing process.

A 2010 study from Italian researchers found that onion extract, when applied regularly, had a positive impact on a variety of different scars. “Topical applications of … allium cepa … twice a day for 24 weeks seems to be useful in reducing neoangiogenesis in hypertrophic scars and keloids, resulting in clinical improvement of skin lesions,” the researchers wrote.

Cicatricure Before and After Photos

One worrying thing is that we were unable to locate any before and after photos on Amazon or the official website. If you find any Cicatricure gel before and after photos or have one yourself, please email us with the photos so we can post them!

While we don't have any before and after photos from Cicatricure, we do have some from Selevax below. 

A Better Alternative to Cicatricure Scar Gel

Are you looking or something that reall works and is an alternative to Cicatricure Gel? Selevax by Senvie is a top rated scar cream made right here in the USA.

This body scar gel consists of a unique formula that differentiate it from other products. As such, it doesn't just help with a new scar, but it can also reduce the appearance of existing scars.

It also contains other ingredients that are believed to help reduce the redness associated with scars while boosting the production of collagen and elastin in the skin’s dermis layer, where real healing occurs.

Selevax contains Silicone in the form of Dimethicone, which has been clinically proven to work for scars (1).

Know what's better? This gel works for both face and body; therefore, you don't have to buy different gels for the optimal personal care. 

Does Cicatricure Scar Gel Work?

While Cicatricure Scar Gel Cream contains many skin-friendly ingredients extracted from natural sources, it does not contain any form of silicone, which is considered the most important ingredient in topical products designed to help reduce the appearance of scars (2).

A Full Review of Cicatricure Ingredients

In addition to the onion extract, Cicatricure contains oyster shell extract, which is rich in minerals, especially zinc, which contains enzymes that can help boost the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis layer of the skin, revealing healthier, stronger skin as scar tissue is gently sloughed away.

For that sloughing, Cicatricure contains bergamot oil, which as a member of the citrus family is rich in vitamin C, which not only can help slough away dead surface cells, but also helps provide skin-friendly antioxidants to protect existing collagen and elastin from damage.

The Cicatricure formula also contains thyme and chamomile extracts to help sooth inflammation and protect skin from damage due to oxidation, as well as walnut leaf extract, which is believed to help control the production of melanin in the skin, so scars lighten over time.

It also has aloe vera extract, which is packed with numerous compounds including vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals that help improve the look of skin by reducing inflammation and speeding the regeneration of healthy new skin cells. Is It Safe?

There is one Cicatricure ingredient – extract Entceia – that raises questions about the safety of Cicatricure, because there is no available research on the ingredient, leaving users to question what it is and its origins. No materials about Cicatricure offer any explanation about the extract or how it is believed to impact existing scars.

You may then find yourself asking, “Is Cicatricure a scam?” While the all-natural ingredient list suggests that the product could be beneficial to skin, the unknown ingredient does raise concerns.

Is Cicatricure Available at CVS, Walmart or Walgreens?

Cicatricure Scar Gel Cream is available through a wide range of online retailers as well as through the nationwide pharmacies CVS and Walgreen’s. It has an affordable price point of less than $15. The product line, from Mexico, also includes anti-aging formulas.

Cicatricure Cream Reviews

Users on gave the product a 74 percent approval rating, with 26 percent giving the product a rating of three stars or less. “It really worked on my face scar. Today, nobody can say I injured my face by just looking at me,” said one reviewer. “I used it daily and still have the scar,” said another reviewer. “It did not even fade a bit. I will not buy it again.

Warning: Cicatricure Amazon Review

Several people are receiving the wrong product when ordering the Cicatricure scar gel on Amazon. You may want to hold off on ordering this product from Amazon for a while before we see better reviews.

Does Cicatricure Cream Reduce Visible Scarring?

While the product reviews are mixed, Cicatricure Scar Gel Cream is marketed as a clinically-proven product that helps reduce the appearance of both old and new scars related to surgery, burns and acne by smoothing skin texture, evening skin tone and decreasing the length, thickness and discoloration of scars.

Cicatricure Scar gel does have some very good reviews and there are many customer testimonials that endorse the effectiveness of the product. Still, there are a lot of scar treatment creams and gels out there and we recommend you do your research first before choosing a scar cream.

The manufacturer claims that the Cicatricure cream will reduce the appearance of scars resulting from acne, burns, surgery and general injury. We did not find any Cicatricure before or after photos on Amazon. We suggest you look for a scar reducing product that has before and after customer photos to verify the effectiveness. 

The formula isn't perfect, but it should be able to do the trick. For the price of $12.50 you get a 1oz tube on Amazon, which isn't the greatest deal although that is not a terrible one either. You can also purchase the scar gel on Walmart but it is more expensive and costs $17.00, plus you will have to pay for shipping.

We have a whole blog dedicated to reviewing the top scar treatment products in the world. So be sure to check the blog out. There are other products that are similar in price and have a bit better of a reputation. 

Cicatricure Money Back Guarantee

Another worrying part about Cicatricure, is there was no information on how to get a refund if you were not satisfied. We checked the official Cicatricure website but did not see anything that says you can get a refund or get your money back.

Is Selevax a Better Option For Scars?

Because Cicatricure Scar Gel Cream contains an ingredient with unknown origins, you might be uncertain about its safety.

For a product that contains all-natural ingredients, consider Senvie’s Selevax, which also offers the all-important silicone, which creates a protective seal that locks in moisture, helping to prevent the production of excess collagen at the site of the scar (3).

Selevax is also packed with nutrients that also work to heal skin and boost collagen production, ingredients to help slow the production of melanin so darker scars fade and moisturizers that amplify the body’s own ability to keep skin moist, including shea butter.

It also offers antioxidants including C, D and E to fight off free radicals and protect healthy, new skin cells and both rose hip and arnica oils, both of which have been clinically proven to improve the color and texture of scar tissue. Arnica oil is especially effective at not only treating scars, but also helping to prevent scarring after surgery.

scar cream pricing

scar removal gel

Thanks to its all-inclusive makeup, Selevax by Servine saves you the expenses of buying and using night creams and micellar water. In other words, you can use the product for all scars, whether new or existing, on the face or body. 

Even better, the formula is anti wrinkle, too. As such, it's an option to apply regularly to keep your facial muscles firm and maintain that youthful glow. 


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