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Celsus Bio-Intelligence Scar Cream Reviews - Does It Really Work?

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What is Celsus Bio Scar Cream? Does It Really Work? Check out our full review of the product to learn more about it and how it can work for your scars. 

This all-purpose cream is recommended for not only the reduction of the visibility of scars, but also for stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles. It is nice that it can work for may different types of ailments of the skin. 

It contains 22 active ingredients and is recommended for both old and new scars.

CELSUS Bio-Intelligence Scar Cream Ingredients

CELSUS Bio-Intelligence Scar Cream includes a wide range of ingredients, including:

  • The peptide Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, which helps regulate collagen production
  • Tamanu oil and cotton thistle, both of which are believed to promote the regeneration of skin cells;
  • Aloe vera, calendula and comfrey to help ease inflammation, preventing skin from generating too much collagen at the scar site
  • Gotu kola, which contains triterpenes that boost blood flow to the wound site, speeding the healing process, while helping to strengthen the skin’s structural layer
  • Eclipta alba and geranium oil, both of which offer antioxidants that speed wound healing (eclipta alba also includes an analgesic to help ease pain);
  • Plantain leaves, which in studies offer nutrients similar to skin tissue, rejuvenating damaging skin;
  • Allium cepa, which in studies has been shown to help boost collagen production;
  • Allantoin, which helps soften scar tissue while encouraging surface skin cells to slough away, revealing healthy skin beneath;
  • Shea butter and cocoa butter to help moisture skin beneath the surface layer at the dermis, where healing occurs;
  • Evening primrose oil, which offer fatty acids that help promote the production of both collagen and elastin, improving skin’s structure;
  • Vitamins E and C, both skin-friendly antioxidants that fight free radicals that target skin protein cells;
  • Helichrysim oil, which helps reduce the production of melanin at the site of the scar, reducing discoloration;
  • Coenzyme Q10, which helps boost the production of collagen and elastin at the dermis layer; and
  • MSM, a natural source of Sulphur that boosts both collagen and keratin proteins for healthier skin.

While that is a very impressive ingredient list, we are concerned that with so many ingredients the ingredients themselves might be in such low amounts that they fail to really produce the results people want. 

CELSUS Bio-Intelligence Scar Cream Reviews

CELSUS has a 63 percent approval rating on, with 37 percent of users giving the product a review of three stars or less. It overall has a 3.6 star rating which isn't the best but isn't too bad either.

Is Celsus Bio scar cream made in the USA? We are not sure. We looked it up but just saw that the product was distributed from CO. 

It did not do one iota to my scars,” said one reviewer, who did like the product as a lotion but gave it only two stars. “I tried it on two older scars and one recent abrasion scar (which it did help soften, but healing time was normal). This offers no advantage over putting any other lotion on and is over-priced.

A more positive reviewer said, “I wanted to use this for a C-Section scar that has been below my belly for over 3 years. It was a 2-inch scar that looks dark and discolored compared to the rest of the skin in that area.

After one month of use, “I’ve noticed that the scar has become lighter in color, and the skin feels smoother. The scar is slowly disappearing,” the reviewer added.

Does CELSUS Bio-Intelligence scar cream work?

There are numerous before and after photographs on the CELSUS Bio-Intelligence Scar Cream website that would suggest the product offers benefits despite the more negative reviews, and it does contain a wide range of organic ingredients that focus on healthy skin. So, with all the positive reviews it has we believe that the product does work. 

The website also offers written reviews.

Pros and Cons of CELSUS Bio-Intelligence Scar Cream with Peptides

While CELSUS Bio-Intelligence Scar Cream with Peptides contains numerous ingredients, some of which have been clinically proven to help alleviate scars, the extensive ingredient list suggests that there may be too many ingredients for the product to contain effective amounts of each.

It is also offered at a reasonable price point of $19.99 for 1 ounce of product, with discounts available on the product’s website. That is actually a pretty decent price considering some scar treatment options cost $40 or more. It is always a good thing when you can try a product for under $20.

One drawback it does have is that it also fails to include silicone, the only proven ingredient to help reduce the appearance of scars. Silicone is found in most of the top scar treatments on the market. 

Where to buy CELSUS Bio-Intelligence Scar Cream?

CELSUS is available at various natural food markets including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Lucky’s and Alfalfa’s, as well as numerous online sites including,,,,, and a wide range of other sites devoted to selling natural skin care products. It is nice that it is offered at so many places so its easy to purchase. 


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