Best Hemorrhoid Creams For Hemorrhoids: 2018 Reviews & Guides

Posted on 13 November 2017

How Common Are Hemorrhoids?

A hemorrhoid is a swollen blood vessel in the wall of the anus. Two out of every three people experience them at least once during their lifetime. For some they are chronic medical conditions. For others they come and go. 

Are Your Hemorrhoids Internal, External and/or Thrombosed?

Some hemorrhoids are internal (in the anus) while others are external (outside the anus). Also, some hemorrhoids are thrombosed, which means there is a blood clot in the hemorrhoid. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are usually external hemorrhoids and are considered extremely painful. There are also prolapsed hemorrhoids. Prolapsed hemorrhoids come out of the anus and are either 2nd degree(retract on their own); 3rd degree(can be pushed back in); or 4th degree(can’t be pushed back in).

Do You Have Prolapsed Hemorrhoids?

While hemorrhoids are generally not life threatening, they can be terribly painful, debilitating and prevent you from being able to function normally and enjoy life. Common hemorrhoid symptoms include, pain, bleeding, swelling, itching and burning. Currently there are many products which have been designed to help those suffering from hemorrhoids: wipes, supplements and creams.


What Can Cause Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can be caused by pregnancy, diet, bowel movements, overstraining and more. Frequently, women will get them during pregnancy or vaginal delivery as a result of the excess pressure on the anus.

What is a Hemorrhoid Cream?

Hemorrhoid creams are designed to provide relief from the hemorrhoid symptoms and some are designed to shrink the hemorrhoid. Some hemorrhoid creams are designed more towards relieving pain, while others are designed more for shrinking the hemorrhoid.

Let’s take a look at the best Hemorrhoid Creams For Hemorrhoids.

Top Hemorrhoid Creams For Hemorrhoids: 2018

1. Preparation H Maximum Strength

prep h maximum strength cream

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Preparation H is one of the most trusted brands in the hemorrhoid treatment market, and for good measure. It has ingredients which are designed to provide you with relief while at the same time improving your condition by shrinking your hemorrhoids.

Preparation H Maximum Strength includes both Pramoxine HCL and Phenylephrine HCL.

This is a hemorrhoid killer combo. The Pramoxine HCL is a local anesthetic which numbs the area and provides you with comfort, while the Phenyephrine HCL shrinks the hemorrhoid with its vasoconstrictor properties.  A vasoconstrictor is a substance which is proven to actually constrict or shrink vessels, like your hemorrhoids. 

In addition, Preparation H has petroleum jelly to cover and protect the hemorrhoids from being irritated. So, the preparation H cream ingredients really serve three purposes, anesthetic pain reliever, protectant and hemorrhoid shrinker.

2. Nikzon Hemorrhoid Cream

nikzon hemorrhoid cream

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Nikzon hemorrhoid cream has been around for a long time and is a multi-nationally recognized hemorrhoid brand which has also helped thousands of hemorrhoid sufferers get relief.

Like Preparation H, Nikzon has both Pramoxine HCL and Phenylephrine HCL. These two ingredients take care of your pain while actually shrinking your hemorrhoids. This ingredient combination places Nikzon at the top of the list with Preparation H Maximum Strength. Whether you have internal or external hemorrhoids, Nikzon is a great choice.

3. Tronolane Hemorrhoid Cream


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Tronolane is next favorite Hemorrhoid Cream of 2018. Just like Preparation H, Tronolane has a dual action formula. Tronolane contains the anesthetic, Pramoxine HCL and Zinc Oxide. The Pramoxine HCL is a wonderful pain reliever while the Zinc Oxide is fantastic at reducing irritation and providing a protective layer over your hemorrhoid.

Tronolane is also a trusted hemorrhoid brand which is sold by all the major stores, including Walmart, Walgreens and Amazon. This OTC medicine is one of the best there is.

4. Anusol Plus

anusol plus hc oitnment

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Anusol is another heavy hitter in the hemorrhoid department with its main ingredient, Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate. This ingredient which is heavily used in diaper rash products has proven effective for reducing skin irritation and providing relief from itching and burning. As a protectant, the zinc will also provide a protective layer over the hemorrhoid.  For those with irritated, itching hemorrhoids, Anusol is a great answer and one of the Best for Hemorrhoids in 2018.

5. Emuaid

emuaid hemorrhoid cream

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Emuaid contains HPUS Argentum Metallicum (Pure Colloidal Silver). Collodial Silver has been used for centuries to help heal wounds. It has antiseptic properties and is generally well regarded for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Emuaid is likely the most popular homeopathic hemorrhoid cream on the market. 

While it runs a little on the expensive side compared to Preparation H and the others, customers report that it does wonders for their hemorrhoids. If you want to go the homeopathic route, then Emuaid is the perfect choice and a proven winner.

Tips For Hemorrhoid Suffers

Regardless which hemorrhoid cream you use, make sure you are eating your veggies and drinking lots of water. Also, try not to spend too much time on the toilet, but do not rush either. When you have some downtime, take a sitz bath to help with your symptoms. Don’t forget to pair your hemorrhoid cream with a hemorrhoid supplement and wipe as well.


Hemorrhoids can be a real problem. If not taken care of the right way, they can become chronic and debilitating and even lead to surgery. Fortunately, with some of the best hemorrhoid creams on the market your symptoms can be relieved and the hemorrhoids can be made smaller. Take the first step towards relief and get yourself a hemorrhoid cream. But don’t stop there, take a look at our Top Hemorrhoid Supplement and Best Wipes to go with your cream.

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